What's The #1 Reason Why People Detox?

The question of why people detox continues to receive plenty of interest these days from visitors to this website.

It is obvious people are inquiring and asking "why detox" because they want to know more about detoxing before jumping head first into a detox diet.

That said, lets take a look at the major reasons why people are excited about detoxing.

Why Detox Your Body...

The methods and process of detoxification are not new. In fact people started detoxing a few hundred years before you where born or even thought about being conceived.

The growing interest in detox stems from the fact that for the first time in history we live in a very toxic environment. 

There are toxins at every turn, which you cannot escape.

You see pollution and toxins are everywhere, consider this...

  • the air you breathe contains pollutants
  • the water you bathe in and drink is polluted
  • the antiperspirants and deodorants you use are harmful
  • the food you eat is grown with pesticides and herbicides
  • the cigarettes you smoke or inhale contain deadly poisons
  • the lotions and creams you put on our skin is contaminated
  • the household cleaners you use are made from harmful chemicals
  • the cosmetics that make you skins looks so beautiful contain unwanted substances

All said, from our perspective toxins are the number 1 reason why people should detox.

However, as you will soon see, for many additional reasons people are motivated to detox. Besides detoxing to remove toxins from the body other stated detoxification reasons include each of the following: to lose weight quickly, to feel and look younger, to improve energy levels, to correct a sluggish digestive system, etc.

Speaking of why people detox, have we already mentioned your reason for want to detoxify?

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What's Your #1 Reason For Wanting to Detox or Cleanse Your Body?

I want to lose weight quickly
I want to feel and look younger
I want more clear and radiant skin
I want more regular bowel movements
I want to remove toxins from my body
I want to improve my energy levels and alertness
I want to improve my chances of long term weight loss
I want to alleviate symptoms caused by a chronic disease
I want to detox an organ (i.e. skin, lungs, colon, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system)
I want to improve my sluggish digestive system; so that I can eat the foods I enjoy most

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What's Your #1 Reason For Wanting to Detox or Cleanse Your Body?

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