Who Should Not Detox Their Body? Listen To Your Doctor!

Before you make the decision to detox your body you must fully understand who should not detox.

Within any group of people there will be some who should detox and some that should not.

For obvious reasons such as, you a have compromised or weakened immune system, and/or you are taking prescribed medications, you may not be able to detox.

Today more than ever before, we living in a very toxic world.

The air we breathe, foods we eat, water we drink, cosmetic we wear, and lotions we put on our skin all contain harmful poisons and toxic chemicals that adversely affect our bodies.

That said, you can easily see that to a certain extent we all need to detox.

However, certain people with preexisting medical conditions must absolutely be cleared through their medical doctor before even considering any type of detox.

Do Not Detox If You Suffer From These Conditions

You might be automatically disqualified and not able to detox if you already suffer from certain chronic diseases or health conditions such as:

  • Anemia
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Kidney Disease

It’s important to also mention that you should not follow a detox diet if your are taking prescription meds. Children, the elderly, women who are pregnant, and nursing mothers shouldn’t detox.

The list of conditions I mention here, that prevent you from detoxing your body is not absolute. Without question there are other medical conditions and situations not listed here, that would preclude you from detoxing.

That’s why we always recommend that you seek medical advice from your trusted certified and licensed practitioner.

If you believe you are already cleared to detox, be sure to read our "Who Should Detox" article before you detox your body.

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