Who Should Detox?

The primary focus of this article is to provide you important information, about who should detox.

We will also point you to another resource which also identifies people who should not detox.

Like many other diets, people seeking to go on a detox diet, have many health related concerns.

Two questions always seem to surface.

1. Do I really need to detox my body to improve my health?

2. Does my medical condition prevent me from detoxing?

Our main focus today will be responding to the concerns of question #1.

Like so many others who have adopted a lifestyle of continuous detox and cleansing, I believe that just about everyone (medically depend) can benefit from a full body detox.

Why should you detox?

You should detox your body because we now live in a very toxic and more polluted environment than any other time in the history of mankind.

Let me explain, the tap water we drink and bathe in is polluted, the foods we eat are grown using poisonous pesticides and herbicides, the deodorants and antiperspirants we spray to prevent body order are harmful, the cigarettes some people smoke, even the lotions and oils we use on our skin are toxic.

Who Should Detox

I could go on and on, rattling off hundreds of reasons and situations that would cause one to have to strongly consider detoxing. That said, I will list below the most obvious reasons why you should detox.

Listed are the select few I feel you can most readily relate to and agree with, as such, we feel you would be more compelled to take action.

It might be time for you to detox if...

  • you have trouble losing weight
  • you have trouble going to and staying asleep
  • you always feel stressed and are unable to relax
  • you have been or are routinely exposed to toxins
  • you have persistent foul body order and/or bad breath
  • you eat a lot of fast foods or prepackaged convenience foods
  • you have a wondering mind and can't stay focused or concentrate
  • you drink and bathe in tap water that contains fluoride and chlorine
  • you always feel tired and lack enough energy to make it through the day
  • you want to clear your system of multiple medications you've taken over the years

What you just read is only a sample of the many indicators that you might need to detox your body.

Who Should Not Detox

Before you run off and start your detox program there's something you must consider. Like most other things, not everyone is medically able to detox for various reasons.

For instance, if you already suffer from a compromised immune system, are recovering from or fighting a chronic disease, in many cases you will more than likely be discouraged by your doctor or medical practitioner from detoxing.

Likewise, if you are pregnant or a nursing mother it is not recommend that you detox.

In all cases, you should seek medical advice before starting any detoxing to be sure the program you choose doesn't adversely affect your health.

We hope that you've found our article on "Who Should Detox" to be informative.

Read our article titled "Who Should Not Detox, Listen to Your Doctor" for more information.

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