What alcohol can i drink while i am on a detox diet?

by Sonya
(Ocala, FL)

I see you offer a few different detox diets on this website, so I thought I post a question for you to answer. A few days ago I was exposed to toxins at my workplace and for health reasons i have decided to detox to remove what i believe to be harmful chemical from my body.

Today I was talking to one of my co-workers and she stated that I'm not suppose to drink alcohol while i'm detoxing. This was the first time i've heard this and was wondering if its an entirely true statement?

I'll admit there has to be some truth to why a person would not want to detox, but to put alcohol totally off limits is kind of excessive. Is a little wine okay while detoxing? If not what alcohol can i drink while i am on a detox diet?

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