Common Symptoms Of
Candida To Look Out For

Here we provide you a detailed look at the common symptoms of Candida.  We tell you what to be on the lookout for and what to do if and when your are sure you have Candida.

You are probably doing a little research and wondering "What exactly is on Candida?"

Candida is a form of yeast, and a very small amount of it lives in your mouth and intestines. When overproduced, it breaks down the wall of the intestines, penetrates the blood stream and releases toxic byproducts into your body.

It poses a difficult condition to diagnose because it can affect each patient in a different way and on a different part of the body.

For this reason, Candida is often misdiagnosed and the symptom is treated rather than the underlying cause. 

Watch Out For These Symptoms

If you have Candida, you may find yourself suffering from any of the following symptoms of Candida.  

The candida symptoms in women are very different from the symptoms of men.

In women symptoms include...

Infection of the vulva or vagina by Candida causes severe irritation, itching, soreness, a burning sensation when urinating and a whitish discharge with a curd-like appearance.

Premenstrual syndrome, chronic pelvic pain, infertility and toxemia of pregnancy may occur in some women. 

In men symptoms are...

In the male genitalia, symptoms include a red skin around the glans penis, irritation, swelling, soreness and itchiness of the penis.  

Additionally, a thick and lumpy discharge with an unpleasant odor is found under the foreskin.

Some patients may show phimosis (difficulty when retracting the foreskin) while pain during sex or when passing urine is a prevalent symptom in many victims.

Other symptoms of Candida...

Skin and nail fungal infections may also occur. These include athlete's foot, toenail fungal infection, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, jock itch and other ringworm infections. 

Premature or unusual graying of hair is also associated with Candida. This usually comes along with the dilatation of the pupils, tinea versicolor, itchy eyelids and a greenish eye color. 

Little Known Candida Symptoms

Within the digestive system, acid reflux (heartburn), flatulence, bloating and abdominal pains are some of the signs that may help in the diagnosis of Candida.

Some patients may suffer from rectal itching and diarrhea.

In serious Candida infections, patients may develop a "beer belly" (large abdomen), high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, adult-onset diabetes and hypoglycemia.

Esophageal infection makes it difficult for the affected individuals to swallow food, a condition known as dysphagia.

Craving for carbohydrates, sugar, milk, chocolate, cheese and nuts has been reported in some of the patients. 

Latest Research Results

Recently researches have also shown that Candida can also affect the nervous system.  In such a case, mentally and emotionally related conditions may develop. Patients become irritable, and are usually confused. While some patients will have difficulties in falling asleep, others suffer from dizziness, numbness, anxiety, poor memory, depression, headaches or even decisiveness.

Not to forget about are those symptoms of Candida which are usually seen in children up to about eight years old. An affected child may be allergic to foods like milk, have a pale complexion, dark circles under the eye, autism or poor sleep patterns. 

All these superficial and systemic symptoms encompasses Candidiasis which is a form of a thrush caused by fungal infections of any species of the genus Candida.

Candidiasis can kill if it reaches vital organs like the heart, but this is very rare even in patients with a compromised immune system and is almost unheard of in healthy people.

Nevertheless, it is a constant nuisance and sometimes a serious threat to people with HIV as well as cancer patients. 

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