Causes and Symptoms 
Of Candida Infections

Ready to learn the causes and symptoms of candida infection, how to diagnose, treat and prevent candida infection?

Candida in fungus form can cause a certain type of skin infection in your body.  

Under normal conditions, hosting a small and controlled amount of this fungus is not detrimental to the body.  

However, when this fungus grows out of control it is not particularly conducive to the skin.  The fungus can multiply out of control at a rapid pace causing skin overgrowth.

There are over 150 varieties of this fungus but the species which is responsible for most infection is known as candida albicans.

Infections caused by Candida fungus can surface on any part of the skin.  But, most of these infections will manifest on areas such as the groin, in areas between toes, and between skin folds.

It is important to note, this fungus thrives in warm and sweaty environments.  Equally important is the prognosis for this infection is very good and once properly diagnosed it can be treated easily.

What Causes Candida Infection?

The candida infection becomes pathogenic only when it gets the opportunity to multiply in an uncontrolled state.  

Conditions such as warm weather, hygiene factors, and wearing restricted clothing favors this fungus and causes it to multiple.  

The symptoms of candida infection can present itself as a real threat for:

1. Infants

2. Pregnant women

3. Patients who have completed antibiotic therapy

4. Diabetes patients

5. Patients with inflammatory disorders

6. People whose working conditions are wet in nature

Symptoms of Candida Infection

Symptoms will vary depending on the location of the infection.  Candida symptoms in women will be very different than those of men.  

Typically the following conditions are vary common to this disease:

1. Red areas in the form of rashes.  These rashes are usually itchy in nature.  Sometimes, the itchiness becomes severe and at other times it remains mild. 

2. Skin cracks in certain parts

3. At times skin tends to become white and soft

4. Skin begins to shed with flakes

5. There could be pimples as well

6. Soreness of the skin is also not uncommon

How Candida Infection Is Diagnosed

If you think you have an infection of Candida, it is recommended that you visit a dermatologist.

A dermatologist could diagnose the disease by skin appearance or skin sampling/testing.

The symptoms of candid infection are fairly simple to detect by any capable dermatologist.  

The medical professional would usually take a skin sample, or take hairs from the affected area or take nail clippings to use for testing.

Treatment Ways and Options

Prevent is the best treatment option.  You have to be more hygienic to start with.

Diabetic patients should aim to keep a check on their condition.  If you are overweight it is important that you manage your weight to an acceptable and healthy level to keep the underlying conditions of the disease in check. 

As far as medicine goes, when properly diagnosed, a physician will generally treat your Candida condition with anti fungal cream, lotions and ointments.

Drugs such as azoles can also be prescribed.  Best case scenerio it will take nor more than a week to see an improvement in your skin condition.

How To Prevent Candid Infection

Again, prevention is better than cure.  Make sure that you lead a healthy and hygienic life.

There are some simple ways by which you can avoid having to deal with the symptoms of candida infections.  Do the following...

1. Wear dry clothes and ensure there is no moisture in your clothes

2. Use fresh under wear and socks. Clean them regularly

3. Take 2 showers a day and ensure that you thoroughly dry yourself

4. Use sandals during summer

5. Make sure that you dry your skin fold area to ensure that you stay away from this infection

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