You May Need To Go On A Sugar Detox Diet If You're Addicted to Sugar

Who is the sugar detox diet for? If you're obsessed with sugar ("sugar addict") it may be time for you to detox from sugar.

By obsession I mean you are not able to go a few hours without consuming sugar.

And throughout the day you have constant thoughts of sugar, and look forward to your next candy bar, sugar filled snack, or energy drink.

When you are depressed, get made, or upset do you crave sugar? And once you eat or drink high sugar foods your bad feeling go away and you mood changes in a more positive direction?

If you can relate, this may be another indicator that a sugar addition detox is needed.

The fact that you are actively looking to learn how to detox from sugar leads me to believe you have established the fact you have a sugar addition and are ready to take some action to correct you bad habit.

You're not alone, in fact plenty of America's are addicted to high sugar foods, without knowing they have a problem.

The same people crave and consume sugar to a point where the put themselves at risk for diseases that can be avoided--like obesity and diabetes.

Not to mention, their energy is zapped away quickly from spikes of sugar in the blood steam.

So what are you to do about your sugar addiction?

We recommend a sugar detox diet, also known as (aka) sugar addiction detox. With this particular diet your goal is to detox from sugar gradually, by eliminating many of the sweet treats you crave daily.

No we don't suggest you give up sugar entirely, because it would be impossible for you to do so. Instead we suggest sugar alternatives and recommend that you watch the level of sugar you eat daily.

If you'd like to get started right away, we suggest you read through the list of high sugar items below.

  • Breakfast cereals
  • Fruit flavored yogurt
  • Frozen breakfast foods
  • Canned or packaged fruit
  • Pasta and barbecue sauces
  • Soda and carbonated drinks
  • Flavored milks and fruit juices
  • Bottled teas and energy drinks
  • Instant hot cereals & oatmeals
  • Frozen desserts and ice creams
  • Snack cakes, cookies, candy & pies
  • Cereal, energy and meal replacement bars
  • Anything made with white sugar and flour

We are not suggesting you go "cold turkey" and remove theses items all at once, remember this is a gradual process to complete over a few weeks or months.

For more education we suggest you read the book "Sugar Shock!: How Sweets and Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life-- and How YouCan Get Back on Track" which can be purchased cheap at

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