Suboxone Detox Remedies 

Drug detoxing at home using the suboxone detox treatment has become popular for the simple reason that it is a replacement drug used for patients undergoing withdrawal periods. 

What is Suboxone?

When talking about drugs we're quite used to hearing about opium being the major addiction, however, a lot of patients are diagnosed with suboxone which is an opiate narcotic pain killer.

However despite the fact that suboxone is used as an alternative during withdrawal periods, there are people who become obsessed with the drug and find themselves addicted.

Though suboxone detox treatment has become quite popular we find that people have begun overusing the medication which has similar properties to heroin, morphine, and codeine but with different side effects. 

How To Detox From Suboxone

Suboxone detox therapy can be performed at home using a simple technique that you can follow.

You should order the right amount of Suboxone prescribed by your doctor and ensure that you have a chart ready that manages the drug use.

This can be a calendar that notes the scheduled timings of your Suboxone consumption.  Make sure you have a set of pill bottles that are labeled, one which is assigned as the "Rescue Doses" and the other which is "Weekly Supplements". 

It is very important that you know the exact quantity and this information can be supplied by your pharmacist.  

Ensure that you order Suboxone pills from a certified pharmaceutical store and if you’re under treatment then your doctor should be a professional in drug detoxing.

The bottles of the pills should always remain with the pharmacist to avoid any case of suboxone addiction. 

What to Expect While Detoxifying

Patients who consume suboxone using tranquilizers, sedatives, antidepressants etc often undergo stages of depression and addiction.

Suboxone detox treatment can become an addiction for the patient therefore the quantity must be securely measured.

You will notice that the first few milligrams of suboxone that you consume will have little to no effect only if the quantity is precise.

You must calculate your own doze of suboxone depending on the amount of drug in your blood and the addiction you had for it.

Ensuring that your doctor offers the valid amount of dosage, it is your responsibility to prescribe for the given quantity. 

If a patient stays on suboxone for a long duration then it is important to get rid of the addiction.

Patients do however face certain withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, pain in the stomach, mood swings, nausea, fatigue, cramps, sweating, seizures, and plenty more.

Stop using suboxone

If you’re ready to stop using Suboxone there are different options offered to you like the "Outpatient Medical Detox" or "Inpatient IV Therapy", both of which reduce withdrawal symptoms.

In case of outpatient medical detox, the patient is expected to visit the doctor daily for checkups while you're given medication for detoxifying Suboxone from your blood.

In case of IV therapy, use of an intravenous mode to provide medication has been a successful method of drug detox.

It keeps the patient safe and periodically delivers medicine according to the level of withdrawal symptoms being observed. 

We always advice anyone wanting to detox to seek professional medical advice so that they can get the best possible treatment. This means you!

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