Learn How To Sauna Detox

The sauna detox is one of many detoxification methods you can use to rid yourself of those heavy metals and toxic chemicals that have built up in your body over the years.

US government agencies first researched and investigated the use of saunas for detoxification as early as the 1960’s.

In the early days saunas where used exclusively to detox people addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Today detox sauna programs and facilities are better able and equipped to handle patients that have been exposed to heavy metals and toxins to.

People suffering from chemical addictions mainly enroll in and receive treatment in alcohol and drug centers.

What Are the Benefits of Sauna?

The benefits of sauna are many for those looking to remove toxins and heavy metals using this detox treatment method.

The most obvious benefit is that saunas aid the detoxification process by causing you to sweat enough so that you flush out and remove heavy metals and toxins from your system.

Other benefits of a sauna including weigh loss, improves circulation, improved immunity,

Who Should Not Detox Using Sauna

Although there are many benefits to sauna, this type of detox treatment is not for everyone.

Some people because of various medical conditions are automatic prevented from detoxing using a sauna.

If you are pregnant you should not detox by sauna.

It is also recommended that women of childbearing age do not detox using a sauna either without taking a pregnancy test to eliminate themselves from being pregnant.

Also excluded are people with a current diagnoses or history of adrenal exhaustion, anemia, heart disease, kidney disease, lupus, and multiple sclerosis.

In all cases, whether you are in perfect health, you have doubts about detoxing in a sauna or are currently being treated by a medical professional we recommend that you be cleared before attempting this detox treatment method.

Dry Sauna or Wet Sauna -- Which Sauna is Best?

The most often asked question for people wanting to detox using saunas is whether to do a dry sauna or wet sauna. There are some difference in the two sauna types that make one better than the other for detoxing your body.

Unlike the wet sauna, there is no moisture or steam involved in dry saunas. With a dry sauna sweat is usually induced using electricity to cause your body to flush and sweat out heavy metals and toxins.

With wet saunas moisture is produced by steam. You’ve probably seen these a few time in the movies where someone pours water over heated rocks to produce steam. Nowadays, steam generators are used to produce steam and moisture needed for wet saunas to be effective.

We recommend dry saunas because they are more capable of creating the optimal condition for you to excessively sweat enough to speed the detoxification process.

How to Detox Using a Sauna

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