"What The Raw Detox Diet Is All About"

Raw Detox Diet

The raw food detox diet consists of a diet of unprocessed and uncooked plant based foods including fresh vegetables, fruits, seeds, sprouts, nuts, grains, beans, seaweeds, and dried fruits.

It is believed that when foods are heated and cooked to above 116 degrees Fahrenheit the heat destroys enzymes that are needed to aide in the digestion and absorption of foods.

Heating these foods to cook them also is said to diminish or deplete the nutritional value of these foods.

Therefore a raw foods diet is believed to be the most sound nutritionally for optimum health.

A raw food diet does not have to be a raw vegan diet however; it just needs to contain at least 75% raw materials.

In a raw food diet, weight loss is one big advantage.

All of the detox foods listed that you can enjoy on such a diet are naturally healthier for you and low in calories.

They also will aid in detoxifying your body of the harmful deposits of toxins left behind by diets rich in cheeseburgers and French fries.

Benefits of a Raw Diet

Starting a raw diet has many benefits including:

- Improved skin
- Increased energy levels
- Better digestion
- Weight loss
- A reduced risk of heart disease

Because a raw diet does not contain as many trans fats or saturated fats it is much healthier. It is also much lower in sodium and much higher in magnesium, folate, fiber, potassium and other vitamins and nutrients than a typical diet is, all of which will help your body to eliminate waste and toxins at the much higher levels needed by today’s pollution and contaminate standards.

What Can You Eat?

A raw food diet plan consist of almost any unprocessed whole foods especially those that are organic in nature such as:

- Nuts
- Seeds
- Beans
- Grains
- Legumes
- Seaweeds
- Coconut milk
- Purified water
- Fresh squeezed fruit juice

Again, the raw food diet should consist of at least 75% of foods that are not heated to above 116 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are There Any Side Effects?

For some people, switching to a raw diet will make their bodies behave like they are going through a detoxification program. This in perfectly normal and as a matter of fact the diet should be renamed raw detox diet due to this aspect. A raw food only diet will detoxify your system which is a big advantage of this diet.

The detox symptoms you may experience are headache, nausea, and some cravings. These symptoms of detox will go away on their own in about a week and let you know your body is ejecting the toxins and poisons it had built up.

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