The Oxycodone Detox
"How to Detox From Oxycontin Naturally and Safely"

It may be time for an oxycodone detox if you abuse or are addicted to oxycontin.  Here is a method of how to detox from oxycontin naturally and safely.

Oxycodone refers to a painkiller that is commonly prescribed for patients suffering from moderate to even severe pain.

This drug is exceedingly habit-forming.  This is to say that its usage can quickly cause outright addiction or physical dependence.

Although millions of these pills are prescribed yearly, oxycodone also happens to be the leading active ingredient in several combination-drug prescriptions.

These include Combunox. OxyContin, Percocet, and Percodan among other drugs.

The fact that these drugs have an oxycodone component in them makes them dangerously addictive. 

A good number of patients that seek the oxycodone detox became dependent or addicted while using one of the above medications or a combination of these drugs.

How Oxycodone Addiction Happens

When a patient ignores oxycodone dose and takes more than the recommended dosage, addiction and dependency is sure to follow.

This is because the users take too much of oxycodone every day, with some users taking it for a prolonged period of time even though the drug is not needed.

For some people, the fault of addiction or dependency is brought about by a doctor’s inability to pay attention to their patients.

They failed to ensure that patients clearly understand the addiction risks of oxycodone.

Also, it could be that a doctor renewed his or her patients’ prescription without checking out the progress that the patient was making.

Natural Methods of Oxycodone Detox

There are a few natural methods of oxycodone detox that you may be interested in trying.

Cold turkey

One way of detoxing naturally from oxycodone is by going cold turkey. 

By doing so you can treat or suppress withdrawal symptoms like often associated with oxycodone such as watery eyes, diarrhea, sneezing, runny nose and body aches.

The severest of withdrawal symptoms might last to 5 days but this largely depends on the quantity of oxycontin that was used.

With successful detox, your brain will be healed and its opioid receptors will start working normally again.

Tapering oxycodone off

This is yet another method of naturally detoxing from oxycodone.

The success of this method of detoxing depends on the quantity of the drug you have abused, as well as, the duration of time that you have been abusing it.

In case you choose the tapering off method, it is important that you do not chew, snort, or shoot this substance but swallow it using water.

Also enlist the help of a family member to help you remember to take your medication because these drugs require strict adherence of schedule.

Medical Methods

Natural methods are not the only way you can detox from oxycodone.

There are both in-patient and outpatient programs for detoxing as well.

So if the natural methods do not work for you, or if you are busy and you want quick results, there are several options for you.

One form of medical detoxification involves injecting the patient intravenously to clear the blood system of oxycodone.

This is usually an effective as well as a safe program for oxycodone detox.  This method can alleviate the severity of symptoms that many sufferers of oxycodone addiction tend to go through.

If you settle for the hospital option of detoxing, it is important that you find not just qualified and experienced healthcare workers but one's who are licensed too.

Detoxing is better started earlier so that the situation can be arrested before it gets out of hand.

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