No Longer Addicted to Alcohol

by Tamara

Let me first say I have a wonderful family, a husband and two sons. Unfortunately I've been addicted to alcohol for about 7 years. I finally gave in and decided to come out clean because I was tired of depending on alcohol and thinking about it every day. Also, it controlled me instead of the other way around.

I've tried twice to go "cold turkey" and the symptoms were not fun which led to a relapse and me going back to alcohol. I found a powerful book at St. Vincent titled "Sobering...and Staying That Way" by Susan Powter. This book really helped me change my thinking about eating healthy foods and detoxing.

After reading the book I decided to try the 3 days detox program by Dr. Oz. To my amazement, I've not experience the withdrawal symptoms I had in the past, I only felt tiredness for the first two days of detoxing.

Also, I started swimming laps for 30 minutes everyday. The first three day detox, I exercised easily and now it's 1-1/2 weeks. I have increased my exercise program to lap swimming for 30 minutes and I also walk/run 45 minutes each day. I feel great.

Most importantly, I don't feel the need for alcohol anymore. For some of you, the 3 day detox may be a good start.

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