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Natural Colon Detox

If you are feeling constipated, bloated or just plain run down and sluggish a natural colon detox may be the best cure.


The colon, and by association the intestines is the body’s main waste disposal system. Its function is to collect the waste material from all of the other areas in the body, cull any minerals, nutrients or water the liver missed and create and eliminate feces.

Because the body is similar to a well run factory, each organ has to do its job efficiently. If even one organ fails then the rest of the organs must work that much harder to keep up. Not only does this lead to a feeling of tiredness and sluggishness but it can and does lead to illness.

Unfortunately, for many the colon is a real mess, filled with mucoid plaque and all sorts of toxins and bacteria that can back up into the rest of the system. This occurs because the food we eat, the pollution in the air we breathe and bacteria in the water we drink all combine to create more toxins coming into our bodies than our liver and digestive tract can deal with. This causes a backup effect so that all the stuff that should be removed is not.

A natural colon detox can remove this backup and clean all the gunk and toxins that have built up in your digestive tract, finally allowing your overworked liver and colon to get back on track.

How to Detox the Colon

A liver and colon detox is a process of removing the toxins and impurities from the body and clearing excess mucus and congestion, especially the mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque was intended to be regularly removed by natural methods however because of stress and diet issues this plaque hardens and remains trapped in the bowel.

A normal healthy bowel weighs approximately 4 lbs when clear of mucoid plaque. However most Americans have up to 30 lbs of excess mucoid plaque built up in their bowel and digestive tracts. A colon cleanse detox coupled with the proper diet can remove that plaque and bring your body back to health.

A colon cleanse and detox is not something that will happen overnight. It took many years for your system to become clogged; therefore it will take a few days to follow a colon detox plan. This is not a “quick fix”. You will need to follow your colon detox program as well as commit to an improved diet filled with foods that will keep your digestive tract operating at its peak performance.

The colon detox products on the market designed to detoxify your colon are varied giving you the choice between such products as Herbal Colon Detox , colon detox drink, and colon detox pills. Each type has its own pros and cons and times. Some products will take days and some are designed to work more slowly. It is highly recommended that you continue your first colon cleansing and body detox over the course of at least a week. This is due to side effects associated with detoxifying the body.

As your body begins to expel the years of built up gunk and toxins you may experience, headaches, nausea, and other detox symptoms that may make you feel a little worse at first. The feeling is normal and will pass within a day or two. It is your body’s way of letting you know it is getting rid of the impurities that have been built up.

A complete colon detox should be done a couple of times a year coupled with a diet rich in the right nutrients for optimum health.

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