My Salt Bath Detox Experience

by Vincenzo
(Bu Nahli, Khanzhaz)

I was searching on the words - salt bath detox heavy metals - which brought me to this page...

I used to hear about it on internet radio back in the last decade - 2010 - and the host was quite certain that it was the BEST possible advice to give to people who could not actually afford a home-spa foot bath detox system.

We kept the phone lines buzzzzzing, attempted in every fashion to share the host's wisdom with anyone who had sick friends living on the South Coastal / METHane Gulf...and suggested various forms of getting ppl to their dollar stores to BUY a box or bag of epMAG salts, before the emperors' adviziers found out that the idea was catching on...

I had no further breakdowns, and went on LIthyumm for the next six months, until I lost confidence in my/their dockktores...that happens when they start telling you that now that you are stable, they want to give you more or their toxic waste in a bottle. I have to say that IF you have a great doctor team that does NOT suggest that you should take MORE of the same crap that has destroyed your oxygen supply system...PRAY for their Health and a Long Productive Life!

The first time I tried the salt bath detox, I experienced a complete breakdown, within hours after my salt bath...

Totally unexpected. I stayed in a state of delusional paranoia for about...19 hours. I had never expected that all that psychotic medication made from toxic waste was going to have such a powerful effect on my brain-body chemistry! That is why I can only share what happened to me. I have not met anyone who has gone thru such an experience, who has not used hard drugs most of their adult or adolescent life.

The biggest problem with telling my story is that I have no way to use my intellect to measure the impact. Even if a thousand people came forward with a similar story, I could not tell them how to ease the impact of detox, other than to NOT try this at home, without having someone stay with you who you can trust...

I stopped arguing with the voices, and started looking for a tunnel to follow, looking for a glimmer of light; if my thoughts went in a darker direction, I would CHANGE the Channel, looking for a Voice of Hope in the Pitch-black darkness.

One of the reasons that I did not let my friends in, was I was truly afraid of hurting anyone, and had gone to the studio bathroom to STAY away from the kitchen...enuff said.

So I started using my intellect to DISCERN the Voice of Truth among the voices that shrouded my soul with black thoughts. I caught the LIE that was being forced into my mind, and determined to stay in that ONE SPOT where I was able to long as I stayed on top of my stool-seat...almost hysterical that I would stay there for 19 hours, right?

Conclusion - Detox WORKS. Do NOT go at it without a coach or someone you trust that knows the downside of a chemical detox. By chemical - that means to me that you know the risks and are under the care of someone you can trust who has been thru the full spectrum of detox, and not that they have read about in a video blog...or radio show/forum..that is my take on the subject.

I continue to enjoy the epMagson salt baths; no more than once@week or twice@month. I have not had any relapse, although I have to monitor my internet time, and not lose sleep over all the BAD things that are happening to our BFFs on social media. Do NOT recommend anything for detox unless you can be certain that the person who trusts you to be there is in the same building. You should have some degree of training as a first responder/CPR; none of us want to rush our best friend to the EMS building, or to be so far away that you cannot get there in time.

We have all heard about the guy or gal who detoxed in the shower YEARS after they had stopped using any type of drugs. I have personally seen the guys at the prison camps being brought in after detoxificating on the exercise yard...and they had to be placed in five-point restraints.

There is a crying need for retired people to train and open their homes to young people who want to get clean and sober. This state pays more than 5,000 dinero/bed for a 28 day detox program. LOOK for the nearest chapter of Teen Challenge or Celebrate Recovery. They have trained counselors on staff, and believe in the Power of Prayer, as do I believe in the power of LOVE of neighbor and the healing of the mind and body, when we forgive our past and realize that we wont have to go thru that same lesson a tenth time!

Blessings to ALL who read my story; I do not expect anyone to seek me out for counseling; I have nothing to offer other than a listening ear. There are probably thousands of people in your own state or county who have better stories and hopefully a better path to FOLLOW. I You will find that I am long on stories and short on patience with people who cannot learn from the mistakes of others.

There are way too many people out there who would rather give advice on subjects that they are only involved with, because they have become popular, as online coach. I got out of the business - am getting out - after seeing the lives that we coaches can destroy without having to do anything but type or talk on the radio.

I now have a grandchild, who will want to meet me in person. I want him to know ME; not my sketchy reputation. I am proud of my kids for finding a better path for my grandson. they will probably never have to read this forum. Blessing to all of you; Peace be upon all you possess; upon your flocks and upon your children.

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