Mistletoe For Cancer

Why should you consider taking Mistletoe for Cancer?

For many people, cancer is their worst fear. For good reason too. Cancer defined simply, is the growth of abnormal cells in the body. It's much more than that, however.

As cancer grows and spreads, many people experience very severe pain. Other symptoms, like night sweats, cold chills, fever, fatigue, and weakness, are present as well. Cancer is oftentimes treatable, and sometimes even curable, but it is just as often fatal. That's why getting a cancer diagnosis can be devastating.

All that being said, there are continuous advances that make surviving cancer a lot more likely. These include traditional treatments like chemotherapy and alternative cancer treatments like the use of herbs as a cancer remedy.

Recently, great success has been had with the use of mistletoe for cancer. 

Cancer Causes

All types of cancer involve an accelerated growth of abnormal cells, but they are different depending on the type of cancer. Some types of cancers are the result of an inherited gene mutation. Gastrointestinal stromal tumors are an example. They are caused by a mutation in the KIT gene.

Other cancers are caused by acquired gene mutations. This means the genes were normal when you were born, but something caused them to mutate, or change. That something is oftentimes a toxin or chemical.

The toxins in cigarettes, for example, cause mutations that sometimes result in lung cancer. Other factors are also involved.

Sometimes, the body doesn't destroy cells at a fast enough rate. This can lead to cancer because cell proliferation can quickly get out of control.

There are many other less common causes and risk factors as well, and specific causes and risk factors vary greatly depending on the type of cancer.

How Mistletoe Works as a Cancer Remedy

Believe it or not, mistletoe has already been used to successfully treat two women with cancer. A women in England used mistletoe extract to rid herself of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Another woman in the U.S. used mistletoe, instead of chemotherapy, after surgery to remove a malignant tumor in her breast. This made researchers sit up and take notice, which resulted in serious research on mistletoe for cancer treatment.

Mistletoe appears to attack cancer in three ways.

Mistletoe contains cytotoxins, or cell toxins. That's why eating the berries can be very dangerous. The mistletoe extract, however, causes tissue death within the cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

Mistletoe also seems to stimulate the immune system, specifically natural killer cells. Natural killer cells are responsible for killing microorganisms and abnormal cells such as cancer cells. The more natural killer cells there are, the likelier it is that the tumor will destroyed.

Finally, mistletoe induces a process called programmed cell death, or apoptosis. The body constantly destroys cells and apoptosis destroys anywhere from 50 to 70 billion cells each day. If the body doesn't destroy cells at a normal rate and destroys too few, cancer can develop. Triggering programmed cell death in tumor cells evens out the playing field.

Mistletoe isn't commonly used as a primary treatment. It is often times used with chemotherapy, surgery, or another traditional cancer remedy. When used this way, it can protect healthy cells from chemotherapy. When given before and after surgery, mistletoe can prevent the spread of cancer cells that sometimes occurs during tumor removal. Some people have also found that mistletoe eases the symptoms associated with chemotherapy, and prevents the immune system from getting too run down. All these benefits make mistletoe one of the most beneficial alternative cancer treatments available.

Mistletoe for Cancer Treatment Protocol

Mistletoe for cancer treatment is one of the few alternative medicine treatments that can not be done at home. This is because the mistletoe extract is injected underneath the skin. Your oncologist can do this at a cancer clinic or hospital.

Clinical trials involving the use of mistletoe may also be available. Dosage depends on a variety of factors including age, weight, general health, and cancer type. Doses are almost always small to begin with. Tolerance and reaction is assessed and the dosage is adjusted accordingly.

Typically, injections are given anywhere from three to seven times a week, depending on what other kind of treatment you're getting, if any, and the aggressiveness of your specific type of cancer. Doses are usually lower if you're also getting chemotherapy or radiation. The more aggressive the cancer, the higher the mistletoe extract dose will be.

Mistletoe is a favored cancer remedy because it has virtually no side effects when compared to traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. It does, however, carry a few of side effects.

Headaches are often common, especially at the beginning of treatment. Flu like symptoms, especially fever, chills, and sweats, are almost always present and indicate that your immune system is responding to the mistletoe. Allergic reactions are uncommon, but they can occur. If your reaction is severe, you may have to discontinue use of mistletoe. People taking MAOI's can not take mistletoe. A fatal reaction may occur.


Cancer is a scary and depressing diagnosis to receive. Cancer occurs when something in the body allows cells to proliferate rapidly. This causes abnormal growths called tumors.

Cancer can be difficult to treat because there are so many different kinds, all with different causes and different responses to treatment.

Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation are traditional cancer treatments. They have many unpleasant side effects because chemotherapy and radiation kill healthy cells along with the cancer cells. Surgery has many risks and requires an already taxed system to do major bodily healing.

Mistletoe has recently taken the spotlight in terms of alternative cancer treatments. It attacks cancer with its own toxins, and helps the body to attack cancer cells more efficiently as well. Mistletoe protects healthy cells, and reduces cancer related pain. All these benefits are what make mistletoe for cancer great.

Mistletoe has only a small amount of mild side effects, but a small group of people may not be able to take mistletoe. You should always check with your oncologist before starting a mistletoe treatment, even if another doctor has approved it. That being said, mistletoe can definitely make living with, and surviving, cancer a little easier.

Ask your doctor about treatments with Mistletoe for Cancer.

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