Milk Thistle Liver Detox

One of the most popular ways to detoxify the liver is with a milk thistle liver detox program.

The liver is the most important of all the body’s defense mechanisms against toxins. Everything that comes into our systems is filtered through the liver before being sent off to be eliminated. Therefore we can call the liver the main clearinghouse for waste and toxins.

The liver also has the ability to store these toxins until it has the chance to sort them and process them out. That is where trouble may occur. When your liver is overworked the toxins can pile up creating a backlog. This backlog can cause damages to our bodies and every system in it creating many unpleasant detox symptoms such as lethargy, poor sleeping habits, poor digestion and even severe illness.


Your Internal Detox System WORKS, But

Mother Nature has kindly provided everything we humans need to thrive. The trouble is that humans have to tinker with stuff to make it “better,” and the truth is in some cases we have. Unfortunately every improvement we have made has come with a price to pay. Consider for a moment the automobile; yes it is faster then the horse which Mother Nature provided us but it also causes a great deal of pollutants to our air, our water and even our bodies.

Milk thistle which is also known as both Silybum Marinanum and Carduus Marianus is a “repair” plant provided by Mother Nature for our livers. It is a part of the daisy family which brings us other helpful plants such as Echinacea, chamomile and even artichoke.

Milk thistle not only helps our livers to catch up with their workloads and get rid of the stuff in storage but also gives it a boost so it works even better and protects it from damage.

How Milk Thistle Works

The way Milk thistle works to protect the liver is by altering the structure of the outer membranes of the liver cells which prevents toxins from entering those cells. It also stimulates the regeneration of any damaged cells. It also promotes the release of a powerful antioxidant that can remove many of the free radicals created by alcohol in the system.

A milk thistle for liver detox is not just good for the liver but it also clears excess hormones from the body, reduces bad cholesterol, helps to rid the body of toxic metals, helps clear the skin and boosts the metabolism.

It is important to note that using a milk thistle liver detox will increase the detoxification of the liver so any medications that are being ingested will cycle through your body at a much faster pace. This may not be a good idea in the case of antibiotics or some prescription medications.

The milk thistle all natural liver detox is a very popular herbal liver detox method. If you are ready to detox the liver, contact us now for a personalized liver detox plan.

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