Why A Masticating Juicer Is
Better Than A Centrifugal Juicer

We really like the masticating juicer and we are of the belief this type of juicer is the best juicer for making freshly squeezed fruit juice and vegetable juice.

So what's so special about the masticating type juicer?

This is a very good question to ask!

We put the two types of juicers to the test to determine who would win in the head to head battle, the masticating or centrifugal juicer verses?

The masticating type juicer can be described as the polar opposite of the centrifugal juicer in many ways.

First the masticating type juicer is not your entry level juicer like the more popular centrifugal juicer, which is an obvious choice for the person who has never juiced before, but is willing to test the waters.

Whereas most people who know nothing about juicing start off with a centrifugal juicer, people who are serious about juicing go straight to a masticating style of juicer for the obvious reason.  More nutritious juice.

Another noticeable difference between the two types of juicers is the fact that the masticating juicer uses a single auger to process and extract the juice from fruits and vegetables.

This processing occurs at a very low speed when compared to the centrifugal juicer.

Because of this slow speed juicing process you are able to extract larger amounts of juice from produce.

Not to mention the juice that is produced is more nutritious and contains plenty more antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

Other benefits of the masticating type juicer include a quiet motor, easy cleanup and the ability to better juice green leafy vegetables.

If you're looking to establish a lifestyle of daily juicing the masticating type juicer is one way to go.

Another option...

If you prefer a high-end juicer consider the many benefits of the twin gear juicer

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