Why Do Celebrity Stars Live
By The Maple Syrup Diet?

How did you first hear about the maple syrup diet?

For me it happened over the course of two days.

I was first introduced to this amazingly simple maple syrup detox diet when I listened in as the first lady of daytime Talk Shows (no introduction needed) interviewed Beyonce Knowles who spoke briefly about her dieting experience.

The next day I read several blog posting, before trying the diet myself a few weeks later.

The exact details of what I heard that first day are somewhat fuzzy now years later, but I recall Beyonce losing somewhere around 20 pound in 10 days, sipping on an easy to prepare diet drink made mostly of maple syrup.

Here is the popular maple syrup recipe that most people follow:

Recipe Ingredients:

3 quarts fresh purified water
1 cup fresh lemon juice
1 cup Grade B pure Maple Syrup
1 teaspoon Cayenne pepper

How to Prepare Detox Drink:

1. Pour recipe ingredients into a gallon container, mix and shake well.
2. Refrigerate and drink 8 to 12 glasses daily.

This diet also known as the master cleanse diet or lemonade diet was introduced in the 1950's by Stanley Burroughs. In addition to quick weight loss, other noticeable benefits have been observed and reported.

The maple syrup diet works to detox your body eliminating harmful toxins that may have built up. When these toxins are removed the added benefits include: renewed energy and more refreshing body smell.

Although you can quickly loss weight, I consider this detox diet to be very extreme detox program in that you are asked to consume least that 500 calories per day. As such, please consult your doctor or healthcare physician before starting this or any other diet program.

Oh I almost forgot to answer the question of "Why Celebrity Stars Live by this diet?".

The diet is popular with celebrities because of the quick weight loss potential. For many star, this detox diet can be used to easily shed unwanted weight before heading into the studio to shoot footage.

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