"Why Some People Are Successful At Losing Weight While Others Aren't So Lucky"

In this article we will discuss the topic of losing weight.  For some people weight loss comes easy while for others weight loss can be elusive.

Weight loss...this is a topic that is likely near and dear to your heart since you're reading this page right now.

On one hand, I'm sure you have witnessed a few people start a new diet and immediately they begin to lose weight and get the results they want.

This group of people is very small in comparison to all of the other people you have seen or talked to, that failed miserably at dieting.

Let me be the first to tell you that for this opposite group of people who fail miserably at dieting there is hope.

Listen very closely.

What I’m about to say NEXT may totally surprise you -- I know it shocked me.

On the other hand and for the first time in history...

  • People are dieting to lose weight more than ever before
  • People are exercising to lose weight more than ever before
  • People are taking diet pills to lose weight more than ever before
  • People are eating health foods to lose weight more than ever before

And despite all these efforts, it is believed that 9 out of 10 people who diet to loss weight will be unsuccessful, that is, will not achieving their expected results.

Why Some People Are Better Than You At Losing Weight

Let's talk some about the other end of the spectrum, the “LUCKY” 1 in 10 who are successful at losing weight and are able to keep it off forever. In this group is a family member, friend, someone else you know or have heard about or talked to. After losing the weight this person will sit back and quietly...

  • Watch as their family and friend struggle to lose those unwanted pounds
  • Watch their family and friends continue to pack on the weight, year-after-year

Despite the fact they have lost weight and can suggest what you should do to get similar results, they keep quiet as a mouse. Mainly because what they tell you, you will take as a "personal attack" and as such you will be unwilling to listen to their suggestions and will totally dismiss their recommendation.

Now I’m about to share the dieting and weight loss secret that your friends and family who has successful lost the weight want tell you!

Brace yourself for something you’re not going to want to hear, for something you’re going to totally deny (at first until you come to your senses), for something that is totally unexpected. But what I'm about to say will be easy for your to grasp and to understand.

“The number one reason why people fail at dieting and are not able to lose weight is because of a failure on their part to take personal responsibility for being the sources of whatever condition or event caused them to gain the weight.”

To correct your weight you have to take personal responsibility and hold yourself accountable. Understand that your weight gain didn’t happen overnight. It happened over time (months, years), as a result of poor decisions you made either consciously or unknowingly such as eating the wrong foods, over eating, not exercising or even for genetic reasons.

Whatever the case for you, you must take action NOW, you must understand that your weight problem will take some time to correct itself -- your weight loss want happen immediately or overnight like those infomercials would lead you to believe.

Your weight loss will come, but only through proper dieting, exercise and watching what you eat. Once the weight is lost be responsible and make the necessary life-style changes so that you can keep the weight off, so that you can continue to maintain the beautiful, fit and healthy looking body your deserve.

Wait before you go, we'd like to thank you for taking the time to read our article on the “The #1 Reason Why People Fail At Losing Weight”.

We’d also like to hear from you if you've ever dieted and failed miserably...unable to lose weight or make reasonable progress.

Have You Ever Dieted and Failed Miserably?

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