Liver Kidney Detox

The most important part of a full body detoxification is a liver kidney detox.

Our world is filled with pollutions and toxins.

These poisons are in our air, water and the foods we choose to put into our bodies everyday.

Hamburgers and french fries, pizza and Moon-pies are all loaded with things that are bad for you.

Add in alcoholic beverages, caffeine and nicotine and not surprisingly we have a recipe for disaster.

Because we have so many toxins attacking our poor systems from all sides it is not surprising that our toxin and waste removal systems are overworked

The problem is an overworked system may store these toxins until it has a chance to release them.

This can cause your metabolism to actually slow down and make you overweight as well as open the door for illness to thrive.

The best way to begin a weight loss program or to help combat illness is to increase you metabolism and to do that you should detox your liver and kidneys.

What the Liver Does

The liver is the clearinghouse for all of the toxins that enter into our systems from air pollution or from the “junk” food we are all prone to eat on a regular basis.

The liver’s job is to sort out all the junk and send it off to be eliminated through all of the other organs in the body. When the liver is overworked it also stores toxins and wastes for later removal.

The Role of Kidneys

The kidneys also clear up the junk in our systems, maintain calcium levels, regulate blood pressure, remove acid from the blood, and keep the volume of water in your system at the correct levels.

When the kidneys are overworked then serious illness can follow. A liver and kidney detox will help keep them working in tip top shape.

When both of these systems become overloaded then what follows is often a sluggish feeling to start with that rapidly can escalate into serious illness.

A regular detox program can help to alleviate these problems but a diet high in the right foods, one that removes alcohol, caffeine, white sugar and other toxins can help keep you healthy.

There are many different ways to perform a detoxification of the liver and kidneys including special kidney liver detox herbs, detox teas and a detox diet.

A detox program can help you to achieve optimum health, lose weight and have clearer more beautiful skin.

We would love to help you create a full liver kidney detox program as well as a custom detox diet to help you to reach the goals you have set for yourself.

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