The Lemonade Diet

Lemons, one of the oldest and most popular detox ingredients in the world is used in the lemonade diet.

There are several variations of the lemon detox diet.

Some of which simply involve a lemon and water mixture with sugar, fresh lemon juice and hot water taken once per day.

Others including the master cleanse lemonade diet require fasting and literally living on the lemonade cleansing diet for 14 days or longer.

There is even a Beyonce Knowles lemon diet drink on the market that she used to lose weight before her blockbuster début in the movie Dreamgirls.

How this Detox Diet Works

The real reason that lemons are so highly recommended is the high concentration of vitamin C and antioxidants that help to detox the liver. The liver as you know, needs vitamin C to remain healthy and fully functioning.

The more vitamin C the better your liver works and the more energy you will have. But lemons are also a huge source of antioxidants that will neutralize the free radicals in your system.

Finally lemons act as a scrubber on the sticky mucus material that line and buildup within the intestinal tract. You see over time your intestinal tract builds up mucus that in turn attaches to waste and holds it in place not allowing it to be eliminated. This waste acts in turn as a breeding ground for more toxins. Some peoples intestines and colon harbor up to 30 pounds worth of this gunk. The lemon diet ingredients help to break this mucus up and clear it out so that your system can start fresh and clean.

The Right Way to Diet Using Lemons

The best way to be successful at a lemon detox diet is to only follow fasting diets for no more then 10 days. If you choose to follow a fasting diet for longer then 10 days then your body will attempt to shut down some vital functions in an effort to save fats instead of eliminate them.

You can use a daily lemon diet regime for long term rather then short term effect. As a matter of fact many people recommend a fasting diet followed by a daily detox lemon diet drink once the 10 days is over for the best results.

Enough about the lemon detox, read about other detoxification drinks like the cranberry juice detox .

I have a special way of customizing your diet, and hope you will contact me for more free information.

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