How Does the Kapalbhati Detox Breathing Technique Remove Toxins From The Body, Leaving You With Less Stress and Depression?

Watch this relaxing and informative Kapalbhati Detox Breathing technique video made by a yoga teacher, to learn how this ancient yoga breathing exercise can remove toxins from your body thus releasing depression, stress and negative thoughts.

As you watch the video, pay close attention to the positions, inhaling, and exhaling techniques that are recommend so that you can recreate what you see in the video at home.

This is really not that hard, something you should be able to do on your own after watching the video once.


WARNING: The video recommends you practice this exercise under the supervision of a yoga teacher if you suffer from: heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, abdominal ulcers, or hernia. AS such, participants with certain preexisting medical conditions such as respiratory infection, cardiac problems, and nasal obstructions should not perform this recommended techqniques with consulting their medical doctor.

About This Yoga Breathing Technique

In addition to helping with detoxification of toxins, this type of yoga breathing is said to help:

  • prevent disease
  • stimulate your digestive system
  • you overcome depression, stress, negativity
  • improve blood circulation

Okay, now that you have watch the video and understand what this breathing technique is all about, its time for you to give this detoxing method a go. Just go through the routine daily for a few weeks and then stop back by to share your results.  More than likely you will see many positive changes in the way you feel and respond to daily events.

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