Do You Know The Many Benefits of Juice Fasting?

Today we'd like to discuss the benefits of juice fasting. Of all fasting methods and techniques, we like juicing the best.

The introduction of jucing can make a great addition to your health regimen.

The benefits of juicing are plentiful and include the management of chronic illnesses and pain, detoxification, and weight loss.

Juicing can be safe and effective and in most cases you do not need medical supervision when doing a short fast. It is also economical because you don't have to spend as much money on food.

Most people are not aware of the health benefit of fasting. If you are concerned about your well being you may want to consider fasting for health.

Continue reading below where we provide all the details about Body Detoxification, Weight Loss, Chronic Illness Pain Management and Juicing.

Here are out TOP 3 benefits of fasting.


Detoxification is one of the most well-known benefits of juice fasting. Everyday, you are exposed to a variety of toxins, bacteria and viruses. Toxins are everywhere in the form of pollution, secondhand smoke and even common household cleaners.

Your body breaks down these toxins and excretes them so you remain healthy. The same goes for bacteria and toxins. Your immune system fights off these foreign invaders through a complex biological process.

Sometimes it can become overwhelming, which results in more frequent illness and a general feeling of unhealthiness. A juice detoxification program can help your body heal itself more efficiently. Consuming only liquids allows your body to focus less on digestion and more on repair.

The many anti-oxidants and vitamins found in fruits and vegetables work with your body to repair damage and boost your immune system.

Weight Loss

Fasting with juice can aid greatly in short term weight loss. It creates a natural caloric deficit, which will induce your body's utilization of stored fat. You still receive a great amount of nutrition so you don't get ill.

Juicing also resets your palate so you can enjoy healthy foods without loading them with salt-laden dressings and seasonings.

Juice fasting causes rapid weight loss, so it can be a motivational way to start a diet, or an effective tool in the middle of one, especially if you've plateaued.

Unlike with water fasting, you can start or continue an exercise program, which will boost your weight loss even more.

Chronic Illness Pain Management

One of the most impressive benefits of juice fasting is its ability to control chronic pain, especially when caused by an inflammatory condition, according to a study published in the August 2005 issue of "The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine."

The anti-oxidants and nutrients in the fruit and vegetables can block cytokines, which are responsible for inflammation.

Environmental toxins often trigger or worsen symptoms, so the detox effects that juicing has, can help ease symptoms that way as well.

Certain juices benefit specific conditions so you can work that into your menu. Papaya, for example, soothes arthritis-related pain so a daily serving of papaya juice during the fast can bring about relief more quickly and efficiently.

We hope you have enjoyed and agree with our Top 3 benefits of fasting. If you want to go on a fasting diet, give juicing a try.

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