In need of detoxing after taking Cipro and Flagyl

by Nicole
(Las Vegas, Nv)

Hi! I generally care for my body with natural remedies but ended up visiting my gyno as a result of a pretty intense uti. At that time I also found out I had a bacterial infection and was placed on the prescription medication Flagyl since it's "broad spectrum" and could treat many types since they ruled out everything under the sun that would normally cause problems. I'm about done with the round of meds and have experienced far too many bad side effects which lead me to read and find even more horrifying information posted by people who had taken the same meds. I am an active person and fearing tendon problems amongst other things as a long term effect scares me.

Are there any herbals, teas, minerals, etc that I should begin taking to get this stuff out of my body? The sooner the better I'm guessing!

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Talk With Your Doctor
by: Sound Advice


Maybe you should schedule another appointment with the doctor who prescribed you the medications, so that you can discuss your concerns about the side effects you've experiences.

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