How long does alcohol withdrawal last?

by Jenny
(Sacramento , CA)

I'm about to lose my husband and kids I love so dearly, because i'm addicted to alcohol. I say this not for you to feel sorry for me, i've had plenty of opportunities and help from various agencies. I just want you to know how I arrived at this point where I'm ready to give up my secret life of drinking so that I can live a normal life with my family.

The local alcohol detox centers here have all but given up on me because in the past I would not put forth good effort and would check myself out of the program when the going got tuff. So, this time I'm going to try to kick my addition by going cold turkey, just give up the bottle, locking myself in the house as long as it takes. Since my major concern is alcohol withdrawal symptoms, i'd like to know how long does alcohol withdrawal last?

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