Herbal Liver Detox

One of the safest ways to cleanse your liver is with an herbal liver detox.

This is because such detoxification products only contain all natural ingredients and is considered to be free of any unpleasant and harmful side effects, unlike a much harsher liver detox program.

The ingredients for a total liver detoxification from herbs can also easily be found at local specialty shops such as vitamin stores and all natural supermarket chains.

There are two ways to use healing herbs for a natural liver detox: (1) either as an already mixed supplement specifically used to detox the liver or (2) one mixed yourself as a tea the way our ancestors may have done in the past.

How to Detox Your Liver

There are a total of seven herbs that are especially useful when it comes to detoxifying, healing and supporting the liver. An herbal mixture of one or more of the follow can be used to form a herbal liver detox tea:

Turmeric is an antioxidant that stimulates the production of bile, has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that can keep toxins from harming the liver and the curcumin compound found in turmeric has been found to not only protect the liver but also to help in the treatment of ailments to the liver.

Milk Thistle
Probably the most popular liver detoxification herb is milk thistle which is a key ingredient in the milk thistle liver detox. And it has more than earned its reputation. Milk thistle not only detoxifies the liver but it also regenerates and protects it as well. Milk thistle is used to treat bile duct inflammation, enlarged liver and fatty liver. It also protects the liver from harmful toxins and helps to restore a damaged liver to proper functioning.

Yellow Dock
Although not recommended for use by those with chronic liver or kidney disease, yellow dock is especially useful in the dissolution of fatty deposits on the liver. It also stimulates bile and helps to relieve skin conditions caused by liver malfunctions.

Dandelion Root
The biggest reason that dandelion root is so popular as one of our healing herbs for liver detox is its ability to flush toxins and harmful stuff from the body. Dandelion root also aids in the production of bile and cleans the blood stream of harmful substances.

Licorice Root
Licorice root neutralizes strong chemical toxins in the liver. Licorice Root stimulates the reactions during liver detoxification.  Its extract contains glycyrrhentinic acid which provides protection from liver damage.

Lycopodium may actually be more important as a liver detox herb then the better known milk thistle. Lycopodium focuses on regulating the liver’s role in waste removal. It filters out the bacteria that can harm the liver and it helps the liver to heal itself from damages that may have been caused by infections.

Fringe Tree Bark
Although not well known fringe tree bark plays a useful role in a liver detox. It boost the levels of bile while also diluting it so it and the toxins and waste it carries are easily eliminated, clears up the bile ducts and flushes out the waste buildup from within the liver as well.

All of the above mentioned herbs can be infused as a liver detox herbal soup or a herbal liver detox tea and consumed as a mix so you can reap the benefits of each one of them. It is suggested that a herbal liver detox mixture made up of them also includes lemon for its scrubbing effect on the colon.

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