How Can The Hawthorn Berry Herb Improve Your Heart Health?

Let's discuss the importance of the hawthorn berry herb to proper functioning of the heart.

When it comes to whole body health and function, the heart plays a huge part. It's responsible for pumping blood throughout the body so it can pick up oxygen and deliver it to the organ systems.

The heart is responsible for increasing flow when we're active and slowing down flow when we're at rest.

The heart is also directly responsible for the functioning of every other organ system in the body, including the brain.

With all of these responsibilities, it's easy to see how the heart can become overworked and overstressed. That's why taking hawthorn herb is such a good idea.

Hawthorn Herb History

Hawthorn is actually a thorny shrub, commonly found growing up to five feet tall. It both flowers and produces berries. The hawthorn berry is the most common part of the herb in terms of medicinal use.

The hawthorn herb has been identified and used medicinally since the 15th century and has been used as a part of a heart health regimen since the 17th century. Hawthorn berry extract is currently part of the pharmacopoeia of several European and Asian countries.

Hawthorn Berry's Effect on the Heart

Hawthorn berry extract positively affects the heart through many different channels.

One of the most important components is increased circulation. The hawthorn herb enhances circulation, effectively increasing the efficacy with which the heart pumps oxygen throughout the body.

It also strengthens the heart muscle's contractions. This makes it easier for the heart to do its job and also prevents fatal heart arrhythmias.

Another significant way hawthorn extract promotes heart health and longevity is by increasing air flow to the heart itself, while simultaneously increasing the heart's tolerance to oxygenic deprivation. This goes a long way to prevent heart attacks. In addition, hawthorn has been found to lower high blood pressure in some cases.

How to Take Hawthorn Herb for Heart Health

Hawthorne herb is usually found in tablet or tincture form. The tincture is often preferred due to a likely increase in bioavailability. If taking the tincture, two dropperfuls taken in the morning and two dropperfuls at night are usually sufficient as a preventative measure.

If you're taking the tablet form, one to two tablets in the morning and evening is the recommended dose.

If you are taking hawthorn herb for a specific heart related condition, such as heart failure, you'll need to get standardized capsules. 300 to 600 mg daily standardized to 2 to 3 percent flavonoids, or standardized to 18 to 20 percent oligomeric procyanidins is a good starting dose. Consult an alternative healthcare practitioner for proper dosage.

If you have heart failure or another specific heart condition, make sure to check with your cardiologist before adding hawthorn herb to your heart health regimen. In any case, hawthorn herb should be taken for at least 6 weeks to reap its benefits, but in this case, longer is better.


Hawthorn herb is a powerful heart protectant herb. It has been used since the early 17th century to treat heart related conditions and is now used pharmaceutically in many different countries.

It works in many different ways but most notably makes it easier for the heart to pump blood throughout the body, reduces the likelihood of arrhythmias and prevents heart attacks.

This detox herb can also be used to treat specific heart related conditions. It is available in tablet form, tincture form, and as standardized capsules. Hawthorn is safe to take in recommended doses, but those with pre-existing heart conditions should check with their doctors before starting hawthorn herb. With all these great benefits, sooner really is better. 

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