Get Help For Acne By Avoiding These Foods That Cause Acne and Blemishes On Your Skin

Let’s see if these foods that cause acne are sabotaging your acne fighting attempts?

People who need help for acne often overlook one very important fact: Foods effect acne.

The fact “that foods effect acne” is true in your case if your doctor or health care practitioner has already confirmed that your acne is related to food allergies.

The old saying “You Are What You Eat” is very true in the case of acne. The very foods you enjoy and ingest most often may be the cause and catalyst for the acne you see all over your face, and over other noticeable parts of your body.

Your Source of Acne Revealed

Now you may be wondering whether or not your acne is caused by food allergies. If you are thinking this, you are not alone. This is a common concern with many people who believe the foods they eat are the key source of their acne.

So just how do you tell if your acne is caused by the foods you are eating? Let me share one simple way to confirm your acne is food related.

Over a period of a week or two you should eliminate from your diet and daily intake all of the foods I will soon mention below. If you see a drastic improvement in the health of your skin (i.e. clearer skin complexion and more radiant looking skin) this may be all the proof you need.

If this is the case for you, maybe you should consider keeping up this simple activity until your skin has totally cleared up. At which time you’d have to make the decision to or not to, continue this process long term.

Ready to get help for your acne?

If you regularly eat the foods that follow, your chances of ridding yourself of acne will be slim to none.

7 Foods That Cause Acne

Here is the list of 4 foods that cause acne. Try to avoid these as much as possible. Be sure to consult your doctor if you are already taking medications or on a prescribed diet plan. The list is in no particular order:

Alcohol and Caffeine - both create unwanted hormone production which potentially causes an imbalance within your body which in turns manifests as acne.

Fried Foods / Food High in Fat - these are the foods that contain unhealthy trans fats which are very bad for you to consume. You can avoid fatty foods by eliminating many of the already prepared food you buy and consume on a daily basis.

All fried foods should be avoided or eaten in limit quantity. You definitely do not want to eat the following:

- French Fries- Donuts- Fried Chicken- Fried Seafoods (clams, lobsters, shrimp, oysters)- Chips (corn, potato, tortilla)

Milk - is considered by some to be a major acne contributor -- not all people how drink milk get acne. What’s the deal with milk? It is thought to be bad because if its fatty content and hormones.

Processed Foods - like the pre-made boxed dinners and ready-made convenience foods we love so much can really force your skin to breakout in acne. Our bodies still have not adapted enough and as such do not respond well to these processed foods made with preservatives and additives to increase their shelf life and flavor.

What to Do Next About Acne

One important point to remember is that these food do not directly cause acne. They are only the catalyst, that when introduced into your body cause an imbalance. As your body tries to correct this imbalance, into proper alignment acne is a symptom that occurs.

That said...

Avoiding the list of foods that cause acne above is just one simple step you can take to control acne breakouts. The suggestion here should be combined with other acne remedies for a more holistic program.

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