Fasting Tips & Advice

We've pulled together these fasting tips and advice which answer the most common questions about fasting and "how to fast".  

The benefits of fasting are numerous and there are many different reasons why people are fasting nowadays.  

For some people weight loss is the primary goal and for others the purpose of a fast is to cleanse the body of harmful and sometimes deadly toxins.

Yet still many people who feel tired all the time juice fast for several days as a quick way to restore their natural body energy.  

Today more than ever before in the history of man, people already suffering from chronic disease or those looking to avoid them are turning to fast diets.  

Whatever your reason for wanting to fast we have some information that will be useful in helping you get the results you desire.

Benefits of Fasting

The health benefits of fasting are numerous, fast, and easy to achieve under the right conditions and supervision.

Most people look to fasting as a quick way to detox the body or lose weight quickly without going on a crash diet or taking diet pills.

There's yet still another group of more educated people who believe fasting can help in preventing serious medical conditions including some forms of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and infectious diseases.

Want to learn more about the health benefits of fasting? Read our article about fasting to prevent illness, cancer, and other medical conditions.

It's important to note that when you fast by foregoing certain kinds foods you most not starve your body of the vital nutrient and minerals it requires on a daily basis.

Most Popular Fasting Diets

The concept of fasting has been around since biblical times and to this day many religious people live by spiritual fasting also called biblical fasting.

That said there has to be some valid reasons why fasting is still practiced today, thousands of years later and is still gaining in popularity.

By far the four most popular fasting diets in order of popularity are:

  1. Juice Fasting
  2. Water Fasting
  3. Intermittent Fasting
  4. Alternate Day Fasting

Juice Fasting is the fasting diet we like best, of all fast methods and techniques for good reason. With juicing you can still fast by not consuming the unhealthy foods you regularly eat.

But instead you consume fresh vegetable and fruit juices which contain the vital nutrients and minerals your body needs and craves each day.

Most importantly juicing can be done without starving your body. Read and learn more about juice fasting.

Water Fasting

Intermittent Fasting is a new and relatively popular weight loss tool.

This type of fast diet is highly touted because it is said to be able to improve your quality of life, protect you against deadly diseases and even keep you looking younger and living longer.

This fast method will also be of interest to you if you suffer from conditions such as as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Click over to our article to learn exactly how intermittent fasting works.

Best Fasting Tips and Advice

Here we offer to you our list of fasting tips, in no order of priority"

  • If this is your first time fasting opt for the juice fast over the more difficult water fast
  • If you have trouble sticking to and.or finishing out a fast try the intermittent or alternate day fast method
  • Prepare you juice for drinking using a masticating juice extractor
  • Fast by drink freshly made vegetable juices, when you fell hungry drink all the juice you want without forcing yourself to drink
  • When you juice fast drink plenty of water to
  • When you juice fast, limit the amount of fruit juice you drink opting for mostly juices made from vegetables

We hope you have enjoyed all the fasting tips and advice we had to share. Bookmark this page and visit again as we often update this page with new information.

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