Detoxing and Weightloss

I have been detoxing for one week now, no wheat, dairy, sugar, so basically all I have eaten for a week is fruit, vegetables (but no potatoes) and oat cakes or ryvita.

I thought I had done really well, but I weighted myself today and I am exactly the same as I was this time last week. I am overweight so I thought I would have lost a couple of lbs at least.

My overall Wellbeing has improved, skin, mood, etc. but I'm so disappointed about the Weightloss it has put me on a bit of a downer.

Is this normal?



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Why the scale lies during a detox
by: Anonymous

The scale can be your best or worst friend during a detox or during any diet that you undertake. That said be careful not to judge success by the amount of pounds you lose.

Becky, don't be to hard on yourself. The scale can be very deceptive when it comes to weight loss. If you continue your newly found eating habits of consuming fruits and vegetables the weight will eventually magically disappear.

For now, look for other not so obvious signs (lose those inches) that your body is heading in the right direction for long term weight loss.

For instance now that you are eating fruits, vegetables, and drinking plenty of water how do you feel? If you feel great you are moving in the right direction. Also how are your clothes fitting now that you are eating a healthy diet?

They reason I ask this is because I have found for most people you will notice that your clothing will start to fit differently...meaning you are losing inches. You will find that you can fit easily into clothing that you normally would have to force yourself into.

Now this is not a bad thing. Those jeans that you love so much you can now fit into, or maybe your favorite dress is now fitting you just right, revealing the best features of your body.

My best advice to you is to measure your detox success not by the number of pound you loss but by how you feel and by how many inches you lose from around the waist and from your other trouble spots.

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