Detox The Liver

How Do You Detox The Liver?

Do you suffer from digestive ills, sluggishness or other systemic issues? If so, it may be time for a liver detox to straighten things out.

The human body is a complex, though surprisingly simple machine. Each and every part of it has a job to do and when things are running smoothly they all do their jobs in exactly the right way at exactly the right time.

You can think of the body like a well run manufacturing plant. When everything works right production is up, but if just one machine or one part of one machine fails then you are looking at slowdowns, buildup of products to be completed and eventually the whole plant will shut down.

Why do You Need to Detox the liver?

Your liver is one of your body’s most important machines; its job is to act as the body’s border patrol.

All nutrients and waste are shunted through the liver where it separates toxins from nutrition and sends each to where it needs to go.

The liver does this by acting as a filter for the digestive system and blood stream.

If the stuff coming in is deemed “good” the liver creates digestive juices to help break it down into the pieces and parts needed by other sections of the body, then sends them on their way to where they are needed.

If the stuff is termed toxic or “bad” the liver sends it out for disposal as waste products.

The problem is that today we are asking our liver to do much more work than every before.

The food we eat is loaded with preservatives and other artificial stuff, the air we breathe is more toxic than good for us and even our water is loaded with contaminates, add to that those things we choose to do like ingest alcohol, drugs and cigarettes and the poor liver just cannot keep up with the waste side of the table creating a buildup and backlog. When this happens it is time to detox the liver.

Meanwhile the “good” side of the table has suffered a serious reduction in needed items. This reduction causes all the other organs in our bodies to not get all they need to function correctly. For many of us our bodies are heading for a system breakdown.

When you liver detox you will help your body to clean out all the excess toxins and waste that have been piling up around it. A detox program works sort of like hiring extra helpers during busy season at the factory to keep stuff moving.

How to Detox the Liver

The first thing you want to consider is what type of liver detoxification plan to choose.

Perhaps you should choose a liver detox program that not only works on the liver but other waste recyclers in the body such as a liver and colon detox, a liver kidney detox, or even a liver gallbladder detox.

The next thing is to decide which style of program works best for you. There is a plethora of detox programs forever on the market from herbal liver and colon detox to the most popular milk thistle liver detox program, which is not only an all natural liver detox but also an easy detox. There are also detox liver tea, detox olive oil, and liver detox supplements in the form of liver detox pills.

Once you figure out the ways and means, the next step is to choose the time frame. A liver detoxification is going to make you eliminate, and if this is your first time doing one it might be best to do it when you have the time available to see how your body will react to the program.

You can choose from a daily liver detox formula which cleans things a little at a time and is best for maintenance after a full detoxification has been done, a one day liver detox which is not recommended for your first time as it is difficult to do, a 3 day system and a 7 day liver detox which is really best for beginners and those who have not done a detox in a while.

To do a liver detox correctly you really need to follow a diet that is specially focused on detoxifying the liver for it to be most effective. A diet cannot only help clean out the buildup of “bad” stuff but can also increase the intake of “good” stuff bringing your body back into balance.

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