Detox Spas

Read on to find out how you can do detox spas at home, by yourself.

You do not have to actually go to some high priced detox health spa to reap the benefits of spa detox.

You can actually create a spa environment right in your own home. All you need is a few scented candles, the right detox bath salts, a natural bristled brush and the desire to pamper yourself. And who does not want to be pampered?

A detoxification is a beauty treatment every woman should be aware of. Done right a detoxification can eliminate many of the unpleasant symptoms that we get when we are overloaded with toxins and pollutions from everyday living.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms then it might be time for you to detox:

- Frequent headaches
- Poor concentration
- Joint pains
- Frequent colds or flu
- Depression
- Digestive problems
- Night sweats
- Metallic taste in the mouth
- Poor dexterity
- Dark circles under your eyes
- Memory loss
- Always thirsty or never thirsty
- Shallow breathing
- Bruises that take a long time to heal
- Feelings of anxiousness and nervousness
- Insomnia and fatigue
- Sensitivity to odors
- Bad breath
- Psoriasis

But those are not the only detox symptoms. Your skin is the first place that the overload of toxins in your system will show up. If you are having trouble with blotchy skin, acne and even discoloration and wrinkles it may be a sign that the toxins in your body are overloaded.

The skin is the overflow valve of the body so to speak. When all the other organs become bogged down and overworked the skin is pressed into service to release toxins and waste. Removing the overload of toxins and waste from the inside will show on the outside with firmer, clearer, younger looking skin and a warmer healthy glow.

At Home Spa Treatment

A detox spa system at home will not only help you to look younger it can also rejuvenate you and make you feel years younger. Your body has been working so incredibly hard to get rid of the built up waste in your system that it is probably manifesting exhaustion in you. Just think how much extra energy you will have once you get rid of all of the sludge you have been carting around. And if looking younger and feeling younger as well as improving your health were not enough there is another advantage to a detox.

Weight loss; that’s right getting rid of all the excess garbage floating around your system will boost your metabolism and you WILL lose that stubborn weight. Did you know there could be pounds of sludge built up in your colon alone? When we are stressed and when our bodies are overworked our colons tend to manufacture a mucus substance in our colons that actually traps the waste as it passes where it builds up instead of …well leaving via the bowel. By just getting rid of all the buildup you are sure to drop a few pounds.

So are you convinced? Yea I know I had you at pamper yourself right? A homemade detox health spa that will pamper as well as detox your body should begin with skin brushing for detox, scented candles for stress release and a mixture of the right clay bath detox recipe and end with a detox bath salts recipe soak.

You can find all the ingredients and instructions here on our site. And if you really want to push the benefits of a full body detoxification to the maximum please feel free to contact us for a custom detox program designed just for you.  We hope you have enjoyed this informative information about detox spas.

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