Detox Spa

Why should you consider doing a detox spa like a foot spa detox?

Because you need it to maintain health and to get rid of the toxins that regularly flood your body and leave behind illness and fatigue.

Every day we are bombarded with a wealth of chemicals.

These chemicals from our environment come in the form of: pollutions, chemicals from the foods we eat, like preservatives and pesticides and even chemicals in our water, including the water we bath and shower in.

All of these chemicals enter into our bodies on a daily basis to be processes and eliminated by our organs.  

The trouble starts when we do not eat the right foods in sufficient amounts to fuel our organs such as our livers and kidneys to function properly. 

When the difference between the toxins we take in and the nutrition we eat becomes too tilted in the direction of toxics then what generally follows is at best a worn out, sluggish feeling with mild symptoms of not really feeling our best and at worst a deficient immune system and illness.

How Spa Detox Was Discovered

According to a 1600 year old Japanese legend, a group of sickly people accompanied by several monks on a pilgrimage decided to stop and rest near a hot springs. The people decided to soak their sore feet in the hot springs as a way to relieve the fatigue the felt before bed. When the people awoke they continued on their journey.

Although the trip was long and hard they were all feeling much better at the end of it than they had at the beginning. None of them thought anything of the phenomena until upon reaching the end of the trip they were all informed that their illnesses were gone.

The only thing the pilgrims could point to for the miracle of healing that they had experienced was the hot springs and it was concluded that the hot springs had acted as a detox foot spa and completely healed them of their illnesses.

How a Spa Detox Works to Remove Toxins and Chemicals from the Body

The reason a foot detox spa works is Reflexology.

Reflexologists believe that every organ in the body is directly linked to the feet via pressure points and by manipulating these points with pressures and stimulation, true medical healing can occur.

A detox spa system works along these same general ideas.

There are more than 250,000 sweat glands in the bottom of each foot through which toxins can pass through the skin. The water of a spa detox is hot and makes the feet actually sweat and the ingredients added to the water draw the toxins from your system.

The most popular form of detox health spa is the body detox foot spa. These detox foot spas come in several different varieties including the Aqua Detox Foot Spa and the Bio Detox Foot Spa. Both of these systems work to remove the toxins from your body in different ways.

Both the Bio foot spa and the Aqua foot spa are ion based detox spas. That means they use electricity to positively charge the ions in your blood cells to a better balance to jump start the elimination of waste and toxins in your system. This “jump start” process restores your bodies balance and optimizes the cell’s ability to excrete waste and absorb nutrients. Click here to learn even more about Detox Spas.

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