Detox Skin Brushing

Want to learn more about detox skin brushing?

Practicing a skin brushing detox regimen is an excellent way to not only help your body eliminate excess wastes but to also gain that healthy clear glow to the skin every woman and even men desire.

We have all heard the old adage that beauty is only skin deep. Unfortunately that may not necessarily be true. The truth is beautiful skin is a sure sign of good health. A clear glowing skin shows that everything within our bodies is working correctly and there is no buildup of toxins to worry about.

When there is a buildup of toxins and perhaps even an illness lurking about, your skin is often the first place to show it, even before you feel any other symptoms. Excess oils, acne, and discoloration are all signs that something is out of balance.

Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is one of the 6 main systems that remove toxins and waste from our bodies. The way the lymphatic systems works is through millions of tiny little vessels all with one way valves through which waste materials and toxins drain from the body through its tissues. The lymphatic system relies on the contraction of our muscles to drain these wastes into the blood stream and skin brushing for detox allows this process to be sped up.

Skin Blemishes

Another benefit of skin brushing is to reduce or eliminate acne and other skin blemishes. The very air we breathe is filled with impurities. Car exhausts, toxins and waste from industry and just plain old dirt settles onto your skin every second of every day.

These impurities can and do get into the pores of your skin and there mix with the natural oils, toxins and waste your body has released such as dead skin cells creating a plug or clog that soon turns into acne. Skin brushing helps to break up these clogs so that they can easily be washed away. Which is why it is often called skin clearing detox.


There are several benefits to dry skin brushing for detox. The main one is the release of all the excess toxins that may be buildup in your lymphatic system but other benefits include softer skin, reduction in cellulite and help for acne through clearing of pores. Lastly you will have a warm beautiful glow and healthy radiant skin.

Click here for more skin detox tips or contact us now, if you would like help understanding how to detox for beautiful skin. We can develop you a personalized skin clearing and detox program.

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