5 Best General Detox Herbs

There are a staggering amount of full body detox herbs available these days.

This can be great because it makes it easy to cleanse your body. That being said, it can also be confusing. What does what? Which herb or herbs should you choose for your general detox program?

The five essential herbs we discuss today are the best because:

  • They are the easiest to use,
  • They are the most commonly available, and
  • They offer the best benefits with the least amount of side effects

Use Aloe Vera as an Herbal Detox

Aloe Vera: You may be familiar with this herb as a popular sunburn soother, but it's also one of the best full body cleansers available.

Aloe vera can be found in juice form. Drinking this juice has a detoxifying and balancing effect on the entire body.

Clinical trials, for example, have found that drinking the juice led diabetics to have lower and healthier blood glucose levels.

In addition, aloe vera has been found to lower cholesterol, treat Ulcerative Colitis, and even fight off cancer in pets. This detox herb truly is the jack of all trades.

What the Dandelion Herbal Detox can do for your Liver

Dandelion: This is another biggie in the world of detox herbs. This herb can be found in capsule or tea bag form.

Drinking the tea daily helps flush toxins and excess water out of your body, which gets rid of that bloated feeling many of us have. Both the tea and the capsule version act as a potent liver detoxifier.

Dandelion can completely cleanse the liver in a couple of weeks. It also fine tunes the gall bladder, and increases the efficacy of one's gastrointestinal tract.

If you enjoy salads, you can add actual dandelion leaves to a salad and enjoy a boost of important vitamins and minerals. Dandelion leaf contains over 13 of them.

The Preferred Native American Herbal Detox

Slippery Elm: This herb was one of the most common detox herbs used by the Native Americans. The best way to think of slippery elm is as disease fighting support.

This is a great herb to take if you have a minor illness, such as a cold, flu, or stomach bug. It has properties that create a protective gel within the body. It will coat the throat and gastrointestinal tract. This allows it to soothe a sore throat, or irritable tummy.

Slippery elm is also good for inflammatory illness like GERD and Ulcerative Colitis. It can be used on the skin as well for minor burns or wounds.

The Great Tasting Seasoning Herbal Detox

Cilantro: Cilantro is a lot more than a great tasting and healthy seasoning. This detox herb can rid your body of infectious agents, particularly food borne bacteria like Salmonella. It can also get rid of heavy metals.

Its anti-inflammatory properties allow it to reduce inflammation and reduce things like high blood sugar or cholesterol.

The Cilantro herb is easily found at most any grocery store and all you have to do is add it to your food throughout the day. You can also juice and drink it for a more potent effect.

Drink This Herbal Detox to Increase Energy

Nettle: Nettle has a somewhat negative rep because it can sting you, but this detox herb actually has some amazing whole body benefits. It is most commonly used as a body energizing drink.

This is done by putting an ounce of it in a jar with a quart of boiling water and let it sit overnight. It is strained in the morning and refrigerated. It can than be drunk throughout the day for up to three days before a fresh batch is required.

Nettle cleanses and revitalizes the body's adrenal glands. When adrenals aren't functioning well, we often feel tired and sluggish. That's why nettle is so energizing.

It also carries a large amount of vitamins and minerals with which to nourish the body. It's more than just an energizer. It also gives you healthy hair and nails, lowers blood pressure, heals and strengthens the lungs, and even counters osteoporosis. The best part is it's very easy to find.

Summary: It can be challenging to know which of the various detox herbs is best for you, especially if this is your first detox. If you go with any of the detox herbs on this list, you'll find yourself with a safe, effective, and easily accessible herb with which to cleanse your body.

Other Herbal Detoxes to Consider

Before you leave be sure to read all about some of our other popular herbal detoxes that will assist with various conditions.

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