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Need detox help? 

There are so many detox programs out there that it can be a little bit confusing trying to decide where to begin.

Likewise there are way too many unanswered questions about which detox will work best for your particular situation.

Most people are unaware that all detoxes are not created equally.  

They unknowingly buy over-the-counter detox kits intending to get results but come up short of achieving their desired goals.

Get A Personalized Detox Plan

When it comes to detoxifying, you have to be very selective.

You have to select a detox program that is best suited for your individual needs and situation.  For example, the type of detox we recommend for rapid weight loss would be very different from an alcohol detox.

No worries if you are unsure about which type of detox to begin..we can provide you a customized plan.  

We can help you decide what you need to detox and help you develop a custom, and personalized detox plan designed specifically for your individual needs.

It is always our recommendation to develop a custom detox plan since we know that everyone is different and unique. 

Meet Our Detox Advisor, Candida Specialist and Wellness Coach

Our resident detox advisor and certified wellness coach, brings over 20 years of experience, having successfully ran detox retreats first while living abroad and now in the United States.

Our advisor has researched and tried over 50 detox methods and programs around the world, and after curing herself of many chronic health issues including systemic candida, she firmly understands what it takes to heal the body.

She specializes in the mind/body connection for self-healing (beyond the physical detox) and provides her clients with realistic and encouraging expectations.

While many people feel overwhelmed and confused from the amount of information available on the Internet, and our detox advisor is known for her ability to understand her clients' health concerns quickly and helps them find the clarity and understanding they need in just one session.

Personal Detox Services We Offer

We offer the following detox services all designed to help you succeed in getting the results you want.

  • Clarity Call
  • Personal Detox Plan 
  • 90 Day Personal Detox Program

During an initial 30 minute Clarity Call over the phone (US) or Skype (outside US), you can discover right now what may be feeding your symptoms and how to start healing.

No detox program will make a lasting impact on your health until you become aware of the things contributing to the toxic stress in your mind and body.

This is the essential first step before you begin any cleanse.

The Personal Detox Plan includes an online health assessment, 60 min consultation, personal detox plan write up after the session with recommended diet, supplements, journaling exercises and recommended healers and resources.

Each person has different things to detox and what works for each person is different. During a phone (US) / Skype (Outside of US) private detox consultation, we will help you quickly uncover what is keeping you stuck.

Together, we will outline clear and simple steps for you to take right away based on your lifestyle, condition, goals and what's most important to you.

Our most comprehensive program is the 90 Day Personal Detox Program for those who are ready to take control of your health and life!

This program is customized to what you specifically need and we will hold your hand every step of the way.

You will have unlimited access to us by email and phone for advice and personal guidance, receive weekly accountability sessions, self-awareness and empowerment tools, as well as, ongoing emotional support.

If you are ready to get detox help please complete the short questionnaire listed below and we will contact you.

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