Detox For Hives

by Victor

I understand hives can also be caused by toxins in the body. I get hives almost on a daily basis.

I've been to the dermatologist and I am currently taking medications but I'm still getting them. Do you think a body detox could help to stop my hives?

Thank you.


Hi Victor

Thanks for asking the question as to whether a good body detox can help to reduce or prevent hives? You are correct in that hives can sometime be caused when toxins invade your body.

Like you I sometimes get hives, although my hives are a temporary condition. My episode of hives is caused by an allergic reaction to a specific medication. So in my particular case a detox is not needed.

However, I did do a little research and found a group of people who believe the longterm occurrence of hives can be attributed to a build up of toxins in the body.

Knowing that toxins were the cause of hives, this same group of people did detox their bodies and found relief from hives--but it did take quite some time for the condition to turn. In many cases they had to detox for more than a year.

The best advice I could offer is for you to see your doctor and go over your entire medical history before starting any detox program. Better to be safe than sorry.

I also offer the following resource related to detoxing to get rid of hives.

Click here to visit the Hives Forum so you can learn more about detoxing for hives.

Best of Luck,


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