Detox For Constipation

by Anna Ferguson

The nice detox

The nice detox

Hi Guys

I was born with hirschsprungs disease which means I lack nerves in my bowel and I am constipated a lot of the time. This has led me to become a nutritionist trainer and even a reflexologist in my search to deal with this condition.

I am a big lover of a detox of course, and I think it helps, but my goal is always to go to the loo, detox the skin and mind (rid myself of brain fog) and some weightloss as the longer you don't go the heavier you get.

Some really simple things that help but really have a massive effect. Of course this is just from my experience but I thought it may help.

1. Weetabix - I swear by it, it really does help.

2. Of course water and lots of it.

3. Soft food diet for a week, soups and easily digestible foods such as casseroles. You feel really great on it.

4. SLEEP..... gorgeous sleep is a mini detox in itself. I stop eating at say 4pm and go to bed 2 hours earlier for a week.

I am not into a harsh detox the body is often under enough strain as it is. I don't tend to get headaches either. But you will see a massive difference in my skin and I am very much into resting the body during a detox to get the most out of it.

This is what I use and I give this away to my clients too as I feel everyone should detox in a safe and happy way on a regular basis. The body knows what to do really we just have to nudge it in the right direction.

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