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Are you ready to benefit from detox foot patches?

Although a whole body detox done regularly is the best way to detoxify your system of all of the pollutions and chemicals we are bombarded with everyday, detox foot patches can also play an important role in your daily routine.


We strongly recommend that you go through a regular full body detox at least twice per year but we also recommend regular detox maintenance that includes a detox foot pad, the raw food diet, a detox bath recipe and detox skin brushing for best effects.

Everyday our bodies are bombarded by toxins, chemicals and pollutions that buildup in our systems and overwork them.

This buildup causes all kinds of havoc with our bodies and our health. Feelings of fatigue, headaches, aches and pains and a poor digestion are just the minor symptoms of a body that is overrun and overworked. For some of us serious illness is all too often the result.

The best way to combat all of these issues and feel years younger and healthier is with a regular detox program. The use of foot detox while you are sleeping at night is an important step in the process.

Foot detox products vary and include detox foot spas and detox foot soaks but today we are going to talk a bit more about foot pads and patches.

The foot pads and patches that are used in the detox program have several different ingredients in them that are used to draw the toxins and waste particles out of your system through the soles of the feet. The reason that the feet are the focus point of these types of products is the more the 250,000 sweat glands that are located there. That is the highest individual concentration of sweat gland of the entire body.

Sweat glands are already a part of the bodies very own detoxification system so the pads or patches simply utilize what is already available to help draw and release the maximum possible amount of grunge from the system in the shortest amount of time. Although you can place the pads or patches almost anywhere on the body best results occur through the feet.

Detox foot pads and detox foot patches used on a regular basis coupled with a decent raw food diet and other detoxification efforts can quickly add up to a much stronger immune system and an improved healthy all over feeling.

Without question, the Cleanse Patch™ is by far the best selling foot patch on the market. This foot detox patch that was researched and developed by Japanese scientist, is said to be the top seller in Asia with over 30 million foot patches sold every month.

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