How To Use Detox Foot Pads

Detox foot pads are a fast yet effective way to clear some of the toxins, chemicals and pollutants from your system when you simply do not have any time for a full detox program but need to find a way to regulate your health.

Sometimes your health tends to get pushed to the very bottom of an already busy and overloaded schedule.

We understand that most days breakfast is a cup of coffee and if you are lucky a donut on the way to work or school.

Add the penchant for eating foods that are more preservatives and chemicals then food, to the pollutions and chemicals in our world like fertilizers, insecticides, car exhaust and even chlorines and heavy metals and you have a recipe that even the World Health Organization says is the underlying cause for most chronic disease and illness.

The need to detox your body becomes more and more urgent with every year that goes by. Simply put your system is overloaded and bogged down. Truth is your body has a pretty efficient system in place for filtering out the chemicals and poisons in everyday life. Your liver is the main filtering system but even your skin plays an important role in the process. The trouble is that as efficient as your body may be at removing all of these chemicals and toxins it can only do so much without a little help.

While we agree the best way to keep your body clean and healthy is with a solid balanced raw foods diet the truth is most of us just do not have the time and energy needed to eat right. That means most of us have issues with our systems being overloaded.

An overloaded system often manifests as very unpleasant detox symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, unwanted weight gain, aches and pains, poor digestion, and a seriously reduced immune system which can and does open doors for more serious illness to get in and set up house.

The best way to rid your system of all of these issues is of course a total full body detox or at least a liver detox and a colon detox but who has time to do that. These types of detox programs often are a 5 day detox diet and 14 day detox diet or in the case of the lemonade diet detox often 10 to 30 day programs.

Although the benefits of body detox may be the best for you, when you are overworked and overwhelmed a foot detox using foot pads is not a bad idea. These pads are place on the soles of your feet at night while you sleep and slowly help to remove the toxins and chemicals from your body that are overloading your system until you have the time to do a total detoxification program.

If you really want to reap the rewards of a whole body detox then you can couple the detox foot pads or detox foot patches with a dry skin brushing for detox regimen and a bath detox for good results. 

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