How Detox Diets Work

Detox diets are designed to help your body to perform its regular house keeping chores so that you can enjoy optimum health and well being.

Every day our bodies are bombarded with toxins and chemicals from a number of different directions.

The toxins and chemicals that we introduce in to our bodies are turned into wastes by our organs and eliminated from our bodies on a constant basis.

The trouble occurs when these toxins and chemicals begin to come into our systems faster then our bodies can remove them.  

This is when we need to switch to a diet detox plan and help our bodies to “catch up.”

How Toxins Get Into Your Body

There are a number of different ways that our bodies are flooded with toxins and chemicals, some of them we can control and some we can’t.

Foods - The foods we eat every day can harm us a lot more then we may realize.

Processed foods, convenience and fast foods, refined sugars, and caffeinated drinks are all rich in toxins and chemicals.

Pollutions - Cigarette smoke, car exhaust, and smog are just a few of the pollutants that get into our systems everyday that our bodies work so hard to eliminate.

Stress - Stress keeps your body from renewing itself through rest, as well as, releases several toxins into your blood stream in response to your internal flight or fight response system.

Although our bodies do their best to store these toxins away from our vital organs and eliminate them as waste the body sometimes gets over worked and overloaded.

When our bodies get too overloaded our immune systems suffer and we become sick, feel rundown or suffer from other unpleasant symptoms.

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How Your Body Detoxifies Toxins Naturally

There are actually a total of 7 systems within our bodies that we must treat when we do a detox dieting program.

1 - Liver - The “brains” of the operation is the liver. All toxins must be processed through the liver and then sent on to whichever of the other systems are best suited to the elimination of that particular toxin. Some of the best detox diet plans are focused on the liver.

2 - Colon - The colon is the waste superhighway and is where the solid wastes are stored and removed from our systems. The colon can become clogged up with up to 40 pounds of junk. Many detox diet programs are built around removing the wastes that have built up in the colon, including the lemonade diet. More about colon detox

3 - Lymphatic System - The lymphatic system removes toxins and transports wastes from our cells.

4 -Kidneys - Our kidneys have the job of removing acidic wastes from our urine. A cranberry juice detox is often recommended to help detoxify the kidneys especially when some illness or infection invades the body.

5 - Skin - The skin is really a backup system and is used to control our temperature and remove wastes when other systems get backed up. Our skin is often the first sign we have that all is not well. Conditions such as acne, jaundice and blotchy skin tone are all signs that the systems within your body may be overloaded.

6 - Lungs - The lungs have the difficult job of filtering the air we breath and removing those toxins that come in through breathing.

7- Sinuses - The sinuses filter out any mucus build up in the body.

The right choice of one of our recommended free detox cleansing diet and exercise programs can help your body to catch up on eliminating the excess waste and toxins and help you be healthier in every way.

We have compiled some of the best free detox plans here for you.

If you need help choosing the best detox for your needs then please feel free to contact us and we will help you create a custom body detox that is right for you.

Our Recommended Detox Diets

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