Top 5 
Most Popular Detox Baths

Ready to read our review of the 5 most popular detox baths that will help you remove toxins and heavy metals from your body?

There are many types of bath detoxes.

Here we will review the most popular types of detoxification baths, that you can try out yourself at home.

What we like best is that each of these detox treatment methods use inexpensive, cheap and simple ingredients.

In order of popularity the bath detox treatments we recommend are:

  1. Epsom Salt Bath
  2. Clay Bath Detox
  3. Baking Soda Bath
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar Detox
  5. Ginger Bath

Epsom Salt Bath - By far the epsom salt bath is the most well known for relieving arthritic pain, constipation, stress, sore muscles and cramps.

As wells as providing a soothing sensation for painful bruises, sprains and strains.

Read more about the epsom salt bath.

Clay Bath Detox - Coming in a close second is the clay bath detox for people who take detox seriously.

Also known as the bentonite bath, during this detox treatment a sodium bentonite clay powder is added to your bath water for a relaxing and soothing bath that removes heavy metals and toxins.

Click for more information about clay bath detox.

Baking Soda Bath - Another cheap and inexpensive detox bath treatment can be created with baking soda, a common household item.

With results much like the apple cider vinegar, sodium bicarbonate is added to warm bath water to restore the acid and alkaline balance within your body.

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox - This detox treatment is reserved for use when the body is considered to be too acidic.

The apple cider vinegar detox bath is a quick remedy for restoring your bodies acidic and alkaline pH balance.

Click to read more about the apple cider vinegar detox diet.

Ginger Bath - Who would have thought something as common as ginger root could be used for body detoxification?

The unique heating property of the ginger root is ideal for detoxing as it helps to increase circulation, open pores, and causes you to sweat a good deal thus drawing toxins and heavy metals stored within your fats cells to surface through the skin.

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