Does Your Body Need A Colon Detox?

Do you know whether a colon detox is really needed?

Before running off and buying some highly touted colon cleanse product I advise you to take a hard look at this question.

Some people openly advocate that you should colon cleanse detox, while critics will wholeheartedly insist that your body is already designed and well equipped to eliminate toxic waste, unwanted chemicals, and pollutants naturally without outside assistance.

With two differing opinions who should you believe?

In this article we will explore both sides, first taking a look at why some experts believe your body is already able and capable of detoxing naturally.

We'll also review why differing opinions have now tilted some experts into believing the colon cleanse detox is needed.

Lastly, I’ll provide a valuable colon resource that will assist you in making an informed decision about detox.

Advocates Against Colon Detox

First let’s take a look at those experts who believe our bodies are setup to detox the colon naturally.

They understand the body has several very important organs (colon, liver kidneys, lungs and skin) that aid in the detox or elimination process.

The belief is that these organs work together efficiently to detox your body, as such, no outside assistance is needed.

That said, one can easily understand why many experts are against detox products and procedures that specifically target one organ like in the case were a detox of the colon is recommended.

A more holistic approach of proper diet and exercise is usually recommended.

Advocates for Colon Detox

The Naturopathic doctors and alternative medicine practitioners who advocate colon cleanse detox think differently about our bodies ability to detox naturally. They have come to understand that we live in a very toxic and polluted environment. A fellow Pharmacist and Crohn's disease patient in full remission who is a Holistic practitioner uses a functional medicine method to heal chronic conditions.

The air we breathe, foods we eat, water we drink, cosmetics we wear and products we use daily all contain toxic substance that throw our internal detox organs out of harmony. This results in our bodily organs being less efficient at eliminating and removing toxins which adversely affects our health.

Thus the need and recommendation of some form of detox to cleanse the colon and other vital detox organs.

How to Detox Your Colon Naturally

For those who see the need to detox the colon, we will now take a look at actions you can take immediately to detox your colon naturally.

Although we recommend natural means, there are several different ways to colon cleanse including: enemas, colon hydrotherapy / colonics, herbal cleansing supplements and oxygen based colon cleansers.

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