How To Take A Clay Bath Detox

A clay bath detox is more then just a beauty regime, it very well could help to keep you from becoming seriously ill.

Did you know the World Health Organization has agreed that 80% of all chronic and degenerative disease is caused by environmental pollutants?

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Our water is full of things like prescription medications, heavy metals and chlorine.

Our ground and therefore many of our foods and crops we eat are leaden with chemical fertilizers and insecticides.

Even the air we breathe is full of vehicle exhaust and fumes from industry.

All of these pollutants work their way into our bodies every single day.

Regular exposure to all of these pollutants, added to our habit of eating foods that may not exactly be good for us, has resulted in our bodies becoming overworked.

Unfortunately even though our systems are pretty efficient the sheer scope and size of the filtering job is really just too much for them.

This results in a buildup of toxins in our  system that in turn leads to many neurological and degenerative conditions, as well as unexplained fatigue, irritability, mood swings, muscle twitches, insomnia, painful joints, feeling down or bloated.

One thing that can help you combat all of these toxins and pollutants everyday is a nice relaxing detox bath recipe.

The best detox bath recipes include sodium bentonite clay powder. Sodium bentonite is a chemical compound that consists of clay minerals in the smectite group, and varying levels of hydrous silicate of alumina. The compound has a number of uses but one of the most popular is an ingredient for detoxification.

The clay has a negative charge and the negative charge attracts and binds positive charged molecules. Most heavy metals and toxins from pollutants are positively charged.

Therefore a bath detox made up with sodium bentonite clay powder and a mixture of detox bath crystal can pull the toxins from your body, bind them and wash them away down the drain. 

How Can Detox Clay Be Used?

You can use this type of clay in a detox foot bath, however, it is recommended that you use it in a full body detox bath.

A foot detox bath would only allow the clay to pull out some of the toxins in your body and though beneficial a full body bath allows the clay to work much faster and more efficiently.

A hot bath is the best way to detox with clay for a number of reasons. The hot water of the bath opens up all of the pores in your body so that the clay has a larger area to pull the toxins from and the water disperses the clay bath recipe evenly over a larger portion of your body.

After your clay bath detox you should drink a full 8 ounce glass of an electrolyte replacement formula as the clay will deplete some of the electrolytes as well as the toxins.

For those who may be too weak and ill for a full submersion detox bath you can use a foot bath detox made up of the water detox bath salts and clay.

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