Do You Suffer From These
Candida Symptoms?

Think you might have Candida?

Here are the most common Candida symptoms that have been experienced by candida suffers who all reported some of the following conditions:

  • consistent gas, bloating and indigestion
  • bad breath and an unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • cravings for sweets, breads and alcoholic beverages
  • fungus growing on finger or toe nails, or athletes foot
  • chronic sinus drainage that doesn’t respond to antibiotics
  • weight gain while following a strict supervised diet program
  • urinary infections that do not respond to antibiotic treatments
  • having a white coating on the tongue first thing in the morning
  • rashes and itching in the genital areas caused by the yeast infection
  • feeling very tired in the morning despite getting enough rest and sleep

How to Diagnose Candida

Knowing the symptoms of candida is the first step in finding relief. If you exhibit any of the symptoms mentioned above and believe Candida to be the problem it’s time for your to take the next step.

You need to get diagnosed and treated by a licensed medical doctor.

To this very day, Candida remains a difficult condition to diagnose, therefore before starting the Candida Diet you might have to see several doctors before you find someone who understand what Candida is and how to best to treat your medical condition.

Another option would be to self diagnose yourself at home using a home Candida Saliva Test.

Before you leave read this important information about how to cleanse for Candida.

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