Candida Symptoms In Women

This is our review of the most common candida symptoms in women that cause vaginal yeast infection from fungal yeast overgrowth.

Candida has been known as one of the most common yeast infections in women for a long time, affecting every women at least once in a lifetime.  Candida is a fungus in yeast form that lives mostly in the intestinal flora and mouth, aiding digestion.  

When the intestinal flora suffers disorders, the female organism overproduces Candida, thereby resulting in a fungal infection that comes with a wide array of symptoms which might be differen from one women to another.  

The symptoms that women experience are very much different than those of men.  

Read this important information if you have vaginal yeast infections and are sexual active with a male. 

7 Common Symptoms In Women

There are several Candida symptoms in women that can show you if Candida is overproduced by your body.  

Keep in  mind though that not all women will experience the same symptoms when they deal with this infection.

So you have to pay close attention to how your body responds to some specific environmental factors.

One of the most common symptoms that signal the presence of Candida in the body is vaginal itching, which is oftentimes accompanied by redness.  

Furthermore, urinary tract infections, or UTIs, might also cause Candida overgrowth, which is why women have to be extremely attentive after intercourse ends.  Most experts recommend cleaning the vaginal area with water to prevent any urinary tract infections and, in addition, overproduction of Candida.

Many women experience skin issues like hives, rashes, psoriasis, and eczema when Candida overgrowths occur within their bodies, but depending on the type of yeast infection they are dealing with, the severity of these issues may vary.

Usually women who deal with Candida in the gental region of their body will not experience any skin issues aside from the readiness and itching located in the vaginal areas.

In many cases, Candida located in gental areas manifest through an odorless white fluid with cheesy appearance that shows up around the vagina, producing itching and redness.

Moreover, other vagina infections and rectal itching might be extremely revealing for the presence of overgrowth Candida in the body.  It should be noted that Candida might weaken the immune system, therefore raising your susceptibility to other infections.

What To Do Next

We recommend you speak with a specialist if you are experiencing chronic and reoccurring vaginal yeast infections as a result of your Candida overgrowth.

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However, Candida symptoms in women do not affect only the vagina or skin, because many times, women have to deal with candidiasis of the fingernails.  

This type of yeast infection is common in women whose hands are in water a lot of the time.  

The most common symptom of fingernail Candida is painful, red, swollen areas around the fingernails, which might even lead to their separation.

In case of oral Candida, women will experience curd-like white patches in their mouth, around their lips, on the tongue, and palate.  In some situations, Candida might cause ready moist areas of the skin located at the corners of the lips.

If you have been feeling tired or you haven been experiencing anxiety, mood swings, depression, irritability, or chronic fatigue, their primary cause might be Candida. 

Digestive issues, such as diarrhea, constipation, and bloating are all common symptoms of Candida, so women who experience these should be careful and immediately consult a specialist in order to determine whether Candida is their cause or not.

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