Candida Symptoms In Men

Candida is an overgrowth of yeast in the body that can affect anyone in the world.

While for women it seems to be any vaginal infection, the candida symptoms in men can manifest in the form of a rash on any part of the body.

This might include rashes on the hand, arms, forearms, face or even genital areas.

Here are some most common symptoms to look for in candida patients:

Symptoms of Candida In Men

Irritation on the head of the penis

Rash and/or itching on the head of the penis

Small blisters on the penis

Rash spreading into groin and anus

Constant discharge from penis

Candida Yeast Infection In Men Can Be Caused Through

Compromised immune system due to prolonged illness

Constant stress

Sexual transmission from sex partner with vaginal infection

Prolonged course of antibiotics that kill beneficial bacteria

Bad lifestyle habits

Diabetes can cause yeast infections due to high blood sugar levels

Even though there are many antibiotics that can be used to keep the infection in check, following a detox diet is usually considered to be the most effective and permanent method.

Here are some diet factors that you should keep in mind while detoxifying your body to get rid of candida symptoms in men.

Detox Diet Factors To Consider


Sugar is the first thing that you should think of eliminating during a detox diet for candida .

Sugar substances can include organic cane sugar, dextrose, lactose, beet sugar, maltose, brown sugar, fructose, honey and molasses.

Other Things to Avoid

Alcohol, wheat, processed foods, yeast, caffeine, and most dairy products should also be strictly avoided during detox diet.  This is to ensure that the yeast infection does not get more reasons to feed on your body. Detox dieting will help in curbing the overgrowth of candida.

Also, fruit, nut butters, pickles, baked goods, fermented foods, chocolate, aged cheeses, dried fruits, sprouts, all grains including gluten, raw mushrooms, and vinegar should also be avoided during this period.

What To Take For A Successful Detox

The detox diet should consist of plenty of vegetables, plain yogurt, fish, gluten-free grains, and oat bran.

Experts recommend low-carbohydrate diet, lots of protein, green vegetables and eggs.

Buffalo, turkey, chicken, beef, lamb, ostrich and fish are regarded as good sources of protein in a detox diet.

On the other hand, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, kale, green beans, onion, avocado, garlic, and green peppers can be consumed for added protein. 

Supplements, Vitamins And Herbs

Including vitamins, supplement, and herbs are also an important part of detox diet.

Fatty acids, garlic, calcium, vitamin B and C, grapefruit seed extract, L-Cysteine, pau d'arco and clove tea should be a crucial part of the diet for candida detox.

Prevention Solutions

By following a complete candida detox diet, you can curb the body yeast the candida thrives on.

Eliminating carbohydrate and sugary food will automatically bring the yeast in balance.

It should be noted that following a detox diet for candida may not be easy for everyone as it involves eliminating most kinds of everyday foods.

But with commitment and dedication, the diet will become easier to follow as the symptoms for candida in men will start improving. 

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