Candida Infection Of The Skin

Here is a simple and informative explanation for Candida infection of the skin.

A Candida infection is simply a class of yeast and it's currently one of the most spread causes of fungal infections in the world.  

Cutaneous candidiasis is an infection of skin that has candida fungus. It is fungal infection which can affect many areas of your body, such as genitals throat, blood, mouth and most commonly skin.

It is mostly caused by overgrowth types of yeast which is usually Candida albicans. This type of yeast is commonly found in very small amounts in human bodies.

Main Causes of Candida Infection

Our bodies are normally hosting a great variety of germs, which includes fungi and bacteria.

Some of those germs can actually be useful for your body for various reasons, some can produce no benefit nor harm, but a fair portion of them can seriously cause harmful infection to your body. 

Some of the spreaded fungal infections are mostly caused by fungies that live on our nails, outside skin layers and hair, which include dermatophytes and yeast like fungi.  

One of the yeast like fungies is also a candida infection.

Candida is simply the most spread and most common cause of diaper rashes in infants, so everyone needs to be fully aware of all the dangers of candida.

It can happen to infants very easily, since fungies take full advantage of moister and warmer conditions that are inside the diapers.

But, this infection is most common around people who have severe obesity problems and the people who have diabetes. Various chemical uses, steroid therapy, chemotherapy and certain antibiotics can also increase the risk of having cutaneous candidiasis.

These infections can also cause some extremely uncomfortable symptoms, such as nail infection, mouth infection and paronychia.  People that have problems with candida are usually not contagious, but sometimes certain immuno compromised people can catch infection from infected people with these symptoms. 

Also, it is worth while to take note of people that have weak immune systems, becuase when combined with candida these people can develop far more serious internal infections.

Main Symptoms of Candida Infection

So what main symptoms will you experience from an infection of Candida?

It is always a good idea to be fully aware of the main symptoms of candida, so you can safely recognize if you have it.

The most common symptom by far is intense itching that could seriously lead you to a conclusion that you are infected.

Other common symptoms include red skin rash, infection of hair follicles which can appear to look like pimples, and various rashes that can be on your body, such as on your buttocks, under breasts, on genitals, and within skin folds.

It is better to be safe than sorry, so you always need to check with your doctor if you recognize some of the main symptoms of candida.

Proper Treatment

So how do you properly treat Candida?

Probably the best treatment for this sort of yeast infection is to keep your skin constantly exposed to the air, and also keep it very dry.

You can also use drying powder to prevent further fungal infection.

If you have certain problems with obesity, then the best way to eliminate this infection would be to simply lose a proper amount of weight, and if you have diabetes, you may want to control your blood sugar.

One of the other good treatment ways are certainly antifungal skin creams which can be used to fully treat yeast infections of mouth, skin or vagina.

Again before starting any treatments get clearance from your medical professional.

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