Are You Ready to Try the Candida Diet?

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Do you have Candida? Before trying the candida diet you need to really be sure you have Candida.

If you are ready for a strict diet to relieve Candida, more than likely you’ve already confirmed that you have a candida fungal yeast overgrowth in your body and are looking for relief.

To this day, Candida remains to be a difficult condition to diagnose by doctors. Mainly because of numerous candida symptoms. Diagnoses is complicated even more by the fact that each person is affect by Candida in different ways.

You might have self diagnosed yourself at home using the simple candida saliva test. If this is the case for you, we recommend you seek professional medical advice before starting a diet for candida or any other candida treatment.

What is the Candida..Diet?

The diet for candida is very popular because it helps to relieve fungal yeast overgrowth. With this diet you can eat all the protein, green vegetables and salads you want. Although this is a very simple diet there is one downside which results in a very low success rate.

You have to starve your body of sugar!

The downside is that you must maintain a strict "NO" sugar diet in order to bring the fungal yeast growth under control. For the diet to work you have to give up many of the sugary food and staples you love and have grown to rely on:

Specifically you should:

  • Avoid artificial Sweeteners
  • Avoid processed and fast foods
  • Avoid food preservatives and additives
  • Avoid dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc)
  • Avoid grains (bread, cereal, muffins, pasta, etc)
  • Avoid sweetened beverages (soda, fruit juice, etc)
  • Avoid sweets (candies, cakes, pies, ice creams, etc)
  • Avoid Peanuts and products that contain peanuts
  • Avoid prepackaged bagged, boxed and canned foods

Before you leave read this important information about how to cleanse for Candida.

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