Why You Should Strongly Consider Body Detox

If you play close attention your body may be secretly telling you it's time for a body detox.  

If this is the case for you, you might be experiencing any of the following conditions.

  • Are you overweight and despite trying the latest fad diet you still can not lose and keep of the extra pounds?
  • Are you feeling a bit sluggish and out of sync with the world around you?
  • Are you having digestive problems, body aches, and muscle pains, or perhaps you're having troubles with skin acne?
  • Are you feeling so low on energy you can barley make it to the end of the day, you feel so tired at work, that you have to fight to stay awake and not fall asleep?

If you can relate to any of the issues or conditions listed above perhaps its time for you to detox your body in ordered to remove any harmful toxins that are preventing your body from functioning properly.

Full body detox has been practiced for centuries by many different cultures all over the world including Ayurvedic practitioners from India and Asian cultures.

The art of detoxification is all about cleansing, nourishing and resting the body from the inside out.

By eliminating the toxins within the body and replacing them with healthy nutrition, you will feel renewed and your body will be better able to protect itself and perhaps even cure itself from disease and illness.

Why You Need To Detox Your Body

When you detox your body you are actually cleaning all of the impurities from the blood, liver and other organs.

The liver, blood, kidneys, intestines, lungs, and skin are your body’s natural “trash collection service” and there is simply too much trash in the food we eat, the water we drink and even in the very air we breathe.

After a while, all of those extra cheeseburgers you eat and the dangerous smog you breathe into your system every day begin to buildup within your organs and can lead to a system failure.

Some of these failures you can see, like when our skin begins to build waste it may manifest as a poor complexion or perhaps even a rash.

Some of the buildup we do not “see” but feel, such as the body aches and muscle pains, poor digestion, and that tired, sluggish feeling you sometimes get.

Even worse, if the toxins continue to build you could experience even more unpleasant side effects such as a compromised immune system and a heightened ability to get sick.

A whole body detox can help to slow and reverse the process by helping your body’s natural “trash collectors” do their job.

When You Detox The Body, You...

  • Rest the organs of the body through fasting
  • Stimulate your liver with a liver detox to help it collect and remove all the toxins that have built up
  • Promote waste elimination through skin detox, hair detox, and colon detox
  • Improve the circulation of your blood so it can process both nutrients and waste more efficiently
  • Refuel the body with the healthy nutrients it needs to function correctly and at optimum health

How to Detox Your Body

Some of the everyday things you can do to help detox your body include simple things like avoiding stressful events, cutting back on the saturated fats in those cheeseburgers you love to eat so much and, of course stop ingesting the harmful chemicals that are found in alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes.

Once you have gotten your body past the first step in a detoxification program by using something like a foot detox program or a detox body wrap, learning how to detox with proper foods and exercise is the next step.

When you begin a body detox program, the important thing is to continue it.  It is recommended that you follow any detoxification plan for a minimum of 7 days, at least once per year for optimum results.

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